Planning a wedding can seem tough with ample and meticulous tasks, reminders and appointments to keep track of. People worry that certain things will slip through the cracks with everything on your plate, but do not let it stress you out. Zeffert and Gold has compiled a few simple things to do or have at your wedding to make it memorable for family, friends, and of course the bride and groom. That way, everything is accounted for and your wedding day arrives with every detail in tow!

Hire a Videographer: If your budget allows, a video of your wedding day captures moments that pictures sometimes do not. With today’s technology, video quality has improved tremendously. Many photography vendors have the option to use a videographer as well so it may be worth looking into. Imagine being able to watch the video on your anniversary, watching it with your parents, close friends, or even your kids one day!

Keep your guests happy and full: Guests arrive to a wedding expecting great food, drinks and-well, more food and drinks. Make sure you plan your timeline accordingly and keep guests in mind when doing so. Zeffert and Gold always plans cocktail right before or right after the wedding ceremony so that guests have something to eat while drinking and waiting for dinner. Spacing things out allows the event to flow nicely, but don’t space things out too much for your family and friends sake!

Keep your first dance song short and sweet: Choosing your first song with your fiancé is exciting and guests can see how much the song means to the both of you. All eyes are on you during this moment but that doesn’t mean you should have a song lasting five minutes. Tell your DJ to cue out the song after two to three minutes so that everyone maintains their attention. The moment should be filled with romance and emption, but it may dull the moment having the song go on forever.

Consider your bar options: Zeffert and Gold has seen all bar options-from open bar, wine and beer only, and a fun dry bar with special lemonades, iced teas, and punches. Consider your crowd when choosing which bar style suites your event. Your budget also comes into play as well, so choose the style of bar that is ideal for you and your wedding guests to ensure a good time for all.

Let the words “husband and wife” sink in: With so much going on before the wedding, it is hard to slow things down to take in everything. Right after the ceremony is generally where guests enjoy cocktails, mingle and enjoy appetizers. This is the perfect opportunity for you and your new spouse to wander off to a quiet place and let married life sink in. After you head back to friends and family, everyone will want your attention. Take a few extra seconds to be by yourselves before you partake with everyone else.

Just a few simple things to keep in mind so that your wedding day is flawless just how you envisioned it!