Planning an event can be a lot of fun, especially when watching all of the small details come together. You would be surprised to find that many of the decor and simple touches really do not cost a fortune, and some can even be handmade in no time! You can wow guests without having to tell them how much you spend on it! Zeffert and Gold has seen it all and we have picked up some nifty tricks to stay within a brides budget. Here are just a few ideas of  creative, simple and very inexpensive ideas to have at your wedding or event!

Creative Wedding Favors

The ways in which you can get creative with your wedding favors are endless. Wedding favors are a great way to leave guests with a token of appreciation that resembles the theme and decor of your wedding. The Old Bay favors shown above represented a bride and groom’s Maryland roots. The pencil favors above represent another bride and grooms teaching profession. Both of these favors are cost effective and highlight something about the couple.


Keep your Loved Ones in thought on your Big Day

What a great way to honor your passed loved ones by making a simple homemade sign to keep them in memory that day. This sign is inexpensive to make and simply reminds family and friends of those who cannot attend physically. The sign can resemble the colors and decor of your theme and takes no time to make.


Who doesn’t love a milk and cookies bar!

One of our favorite ideas that is cost-friendly is a MILK AND COOKIES BAR! This can be done at cocktail hour, part of dessert or at the end of the night. Kids love it as well as adults, and the milk and cookies do not cost a lot when bought in bulk. It’s versatile and adds a unique touch to your event. We think the milk and cookie bar is a win for everyone!


A unique way for guests to sign in attendance

We’ve all seen the guestbook for friends and family to sign, but why not take it a step further into something different. This frame has tiny white hearts for guests to sign in the hearts with the red one for the bride and groom of course. It’s unique and you can hang it on your wall to remember back to your day. We have seen blankets, picture frames, thumbprint trees, mad libs cards, signed rocks and puzzle pieces, and more.


Cake Pops anyone?

Cake pops are easy, fun to look at and more importantly-tasty to eat! More and more couples are opting for the traditional wedding cake and are finding alternative treats to delight guests with. Cake pops can also be used along with traditional wedding cake or used as favors! Like I said, they are versatile so use them for anything and I guarantee guests will love them!

When planning your wedding or event, you really can have it all without breaking your budget. Don’t just settle for the first piece of decor you find in stores. Research ways on how to make it yourself, look into what discounted stores offer the same materials, and have fun while doing so. The internet has a million recipes, ideas, and videos to help you along the way, and our blog has a ton of ideas as well!