You will be joined by your closest friends and family members on your wedding day to celebrate the commitment that you are making to your partner!  Heartfelt vows, festive entertainment, beautiful décor; you can ensure that you guests will certainly enjoy your celebration!

Take a Look at Wedding Food Trends to Incorporate into Your Reception

However, with many guess attending comes many different tastes and interests when it comes to food, along with dietary restrictions that may need to be accommodated.

Everyone deserves to have a bite to eat at your wedding! That’s why, here at Zeffert & Gold Catering, we have comprised some tips to assist you with accommodating dietary restrictions into your own wedding menu. Be sure to continue reading to discover what these tips are:

  • Plenty of Options. Luckily, there are many options when it comes to food! So, it is easy to create a menu that presents an array of options. By ensuring that you offer a diverse menu to your guests, comprised of gluten-free, vegan, and even vegetarian options, you can make certain that everyone will be able to indulge in your cuisine!
  • Separation Is of Importance. It’s important to keep your foods separated if you are accommodating dietary restrictions! After all, something as small as a peanut could cause an allergic reaction. Ensure that you keep your special menu items away from other foods, so that no cross contamination is experienced.
  • Discovering Restrictions. An easy way to discover if you will need to accommodate any dietary restrictions into your wedding menu is to just simply ask! Present an area among your RSVP or menu cards allowing guests to notify you of any foods that they can’t consume. This way, you can go about planning your menu with ease!

By properly planning your wedding menu, you can ensure that all of your guests enjoy your cuisine! These are just a few tips to assist you with accommodating dietary restrictions throughout your own menu.

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Are you ready to plan your own cuisine with a wedding caterer with Baltimore, Maryland? If your answer is yes, please contact us here at Zeffert & Gold Catering. We are honored with the opportunity to be a part of such wonderful celebrations, and would be pleased to be a part of yours as well.