Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. We’ve all heard of the wedding “must-haves,” and some brides dream that their wedding needs to include all things traditional. Then there comes along certain brides that want to go against the norm, and truly make their special day their own. This was exactly what Sonja and Matt wanted for their wedding ceremony and reception at the Rockwood Manor in Potomac, Md. The beautiful, scenic venue located in a remote area of Potomac Maryland allowed for the bride and groom to hold their wedding ceremony in the outdoor garden area. The wedding began with the couple recreating the scene from, “Say Anything.” The ceremony was then orchestrated by the bride and the groom, and involved the couple welcoming their guests, sharing about themselves, and detailing their love story from their own perspectives. It was a beautiful way for their guests to learn about the couple, and their relationship. Guests could also contribute their “voice” in the ceremony by holding up their “Me,” signs so that when the couple asked questions like, “How many of you went to school with me?,” the audience could respond and all guests could see how everyone knew the couple.

The uniqueness of the ceremony didn’t stop there, as the bride and groom proclaimed their vows to each other by picking pre-written vows out of a dog bowl. These vows were written by the bride for the groom, and the groom for the bride, but also included some vows that their friends wrote to contribute to the couple’s ceremony. These good-humored promises to each other included things like, “Do you promise to at least TRY to put the toilet seat down when you leave the bathroom?,” to, “Do you promise to go to the newest sci-fi movie with me, as soon as it comes out in the theaters?” The ceremony was filled with laughter to say the least.

After the ceremony, the guests were able to enjoy butler-passed appetizers in the courtyard, and then a station-style dinner that included a pho station, a pasta station, and a slider station. The ceremony may not have been traditional, but the guests were able to finish the night with some good-old fashion dancing. The cupcake treats and a specialty coffee station, just added a little twist to the reception. Not to mention, it was all topped off with grilled cheese and tomato soup, so the guests could enjoy a late night snack.

Whether traditional, or unique, we are happy to customize your wedding in a way that fits how you want it to be. Learn how you can make your wedding your own special day by calling us at 410-944-4481.