Want to celebrate Cinco De Mayo with your friends and family, but still be able to avoid the crowds? Use these 5 DIY techniques to throw your own Cinco De Mayo celebration.

1. Cinco De Mayo Decorations: An easy way to brighten up your party is to hang these bright colored paper decorations. Large floral designs with a variety of colors, and patterns is an affordable way to add your personality in your decor. Don’t stop with just hanging decorations, you can customize everything from your centerpieces, silverware, chair cushions, and more.

Source: Style Me Pretty

2. Piñata: Sure, hanging a piñata filled with treats is a classic way to celebrate a party with friends, but what if you had a different kind of piñata at your party? Piñata sugar cookies is a delicious dessert for your guests that are filled with surprises, and will surprise your guests too. These sugar cookies can be filled with M&M’s, skittles, or any bite-sized candy of your choice. People will be anxious to get their hands on the recipe.

Source: She Knows Food and Recipes

3. Double dip, all you like: Individual dips and appetizers are the perfect way to entertain your friends and keep everyone full and happy. These seven layer dip cups will compliment your Cinco De Mayo party perfectly, and they are extremely easy to make. Visit Smarty Had a Party to see how to make these party favors.

Source: Smarty had a Party

4. Cilantro Jalapeño Margarita: Finding a kick for your party doesn’t have to only come from your food. This spicy jalapeño margarita is a twist on the classic drink that will accompany your food nicely at your party. Personal additions like cucumbers is another way to make the house drink a specialty for your guests.

Source: Bell alimento

5. Tequila. Whether you partake in Cinco De Mayo for the food, or drink these shrimp margarita tacos are the perfect merriment to steal the show at your party.

If you don’t feel like staying in, there are plenty of options for going out on Cinco De Mayo too. Like a bacon wrapped “taco shell” from El Rey’s in DC. Yes, this 5 Pork Taco is one delicious way to spend the day.

Source: Eater

Whatever it is you chose to do, have fun and be safe on this year’s Cinco De Mayo. Feel free to share your DIY ideas for how to celebrate, or where you’re headed on May 5.