Picture it – you’re having a blast, dancing, drinking, celebrating the marriage of an amazing couple. As the night comes to an end, your stomach begins to growl along with the music. Rather than hitting up the nearest fast food joint when you leave, imagine looking over as the catering staff appears with your favorite late night wedding snacks!

We absolutely love this popular wedding food trend. Offering a late night snack for your guests, will enhance your big day and will be an amazing memory for your guests, that they will talk about for days to come.

Late night wedding snacks could include your favorite savory bites or sweet delights to cap off an amazing evening. Anything from Sliders to Grilled Cheese with Tomato Soup shooters, even freshy made Donuts or alcoholic snowballs. Yes, we said it. Alcohol, plus your favorite late night snack, is sure to be the cherry on top of an already memorable event.

Ideally, this would take place about an hour and a half before the end of the reception. Just like Cocktail Hour, you may offer late night snacks as a stationary item. This allows guests to enjoy as much or as little as they would like. Plus, you want to keep your guests on the dance floor. Allow them to dance on over to the stationary late night wedding snack table, grab a mini grilled cheese, and then it’s back to the dance floor. You could also serve passed late night wedding snacks, which are single bite items that would be offered to guests by the catering staff. Our service staff has no problem passing mini cheeseburgers and fries to your guests on the dance floor, so the party never stops. If you are planning to have a party bus or after party at the hotel, we can offer “breakfast boxes” to guests as they are leaving the reception. Inside we can include everything from freshly baked bagels with cream cheese, Gatorade, red bull, Advil, and even pastries. Your guests will appreciate having the essentials for the morning, so they can hit the snooze on the alarm and catch up on sleep.

Serving late night wedding snacks can help satisfy late night appetites, as well as help to absorb some of the alcohol from hours of celebrating. This is also a great idea if you are planning to invite guests to an after party. Your guests will feel rejuvenated and excited to keep the party going. Plus, if you and your partner did not get a chance to fully indulge in dinner or if the “nerves” kept your appetite abate, than the late night snack will be your chance to enjoy our delicious food and give you the energy you need after a long day of celebrating.

Talk to your event designer today to learn more about our late night wedding snack options!

Late night wedding snacks

Late night wedding snacks