Head Chef Daniel Elardo cooked up some fun today in the Zeffert and Gold Catering kitchen. With almost ten chefs in our kitchen daily, you can guarantee walking into the kitchen to find new recipes being made, old recipes with a twist, and clever new ways to display menu items so that we are constantly emerging new and fresh ideas. Today, Chef Daniel made cinnamon seared ahi tuna, topped with spicy plum sauce and served with seaweed salad and seasame brittle all on an Asian spoon. A new take on our signature Asian spoon menu item, but with contemporary ingredients that accompany the tuna perfectly.

Next, Chef Daniel made what we like to call “Smoremallows” on a stick. Made with a marshmallow dipped in chocolate and rolled with graham cracker pieces. Use a popsicle stick or any type of stick to hold the marshmallow together. So simple, yet delicious and can easily be made right in your own home. Involve the kids when making Smoremellows, or serve them at your next dinner party for a guaranteed party favorite.

Zeffert and Gold is more than a catering company. Sharing our favorite recipes with simple ways to make them in your home is something we are proud to do.  Whether you put your own twist on it or make it like ours, all that matters is that you have fun making these fun recipes and share it with your friends and family!