11. Vegetarian — 2 Percent Misspelled

Users typed “vegitarian” and “begeterian” in roughly equal measure.

 10. Macaroni — 3 Percent Misspelled

About two-thirds of the misspellings were “macoroni,” and one third were “maccaroni.”

 9. Barbecue — 3 Percent Misspelled

The most common way to get this word wrong was, strangely, “barbaque.”

 8. Chipotle — 4 Percent Misspelled

Almost everyone who spelled this wrong typed “chipolte.”

 7. Tomato — 5 Percent Misspelled Dan Quayle’s legacy? Users who misspelled this word usually thought “tomatoe” was right.

 6. Reuben — 7 Percent Misspelled

When GrubHub users got this wrong, they most often wrote “rueben.”

 5. Sandwich — 7 Percent Misspelled

Users spelled this wrong two different ways: “sandwhich” and “sandwitch.” The one that brings to mind Hermione Granger in a bikini is the less common of the two.

 4. Dessert — 10 Percent Misspelled

A full tenth of users thought there was just one “s.” Classic! Repeat after me: “Sahara Desert” and “Chocolate-Based Dessert.”

3. Omelette or Omelet — 17 Percent Misspelled

Despite the fact that GrubHub considered two different orthographies correct, more than a sixth of users spelled “omelet” wrong. They usually tried “omlette” or “omlett.”

 2. Caesar (as in salad) — 40 Percent Misspelled

The emperors of Rome must be rolling in their graves! Four in 10 GrubHub users couldn’t figure out how to spell their crouton-filled namesake. Most of them wrote “ceasar,” but some thought it was “cesar.”

 1. Fettuccine — 70 Percent Misspelled

Here it is: the hardest dish name to spell of them all. A healthy majority of users got this one wrong. They tried “fettucine” and “fettucini” in almost equal measure.


Article Courtesy of: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/05/30/misspelled-food-names-grubhub_n_3355321.html