15 Romantic Food and Wine Pairings for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Food and Wine Pairings What could be a more romantic way to celebrate your Valentine’s day than by cooking your loved one a home-cooked meal. Or even better, you could cook with your loved one to make it an affordable and fun Valentine’s Day dinner. Choosing what dinner to make can be difficult, not to mention determining what wine best pairs with your Valentine’s Day dinner. We have 15 romantic food and wine pairings for Valentine’s Day that will leave you more time with your Valentine, and less time pouring over cookbooks. The great thing about this list is that it offers suggestions for your Valentine’s day dinner, but in no way confines you to these options. Simply interchange the proteins listed with what you have on hand, or what is fresh at your grocery store. For example, if you don’t have corvina, then you could substitute it with tilapia or cod. Any white fish would do, and would still pair well with Sauvignon Blanc. *The pictures below are all meals that we prepared; however, the wine’s pictured are not chosen for any specific brand. It is simply to show you the type of wine that would work best with the meal. We recommend any brand of wine that is available to you, and affordable.

15 Romantic Food and Wine Pairings for Valentine’s Day

1. Field Greens Salad with Fresh Goat Cheese and Mandarin Oranges paired with a glass of Champagne 15 romantic food and wine pairings for valentine's dayA light and refreshing start to the meal, we are pairing a fresh field greens salad with a glass of champagne. Always refreshing, most champagnes have lovely apple and pear flavors that finish with a burst of lemon that would go perfectly with a field greens salad topped with fruit. We topped ours with goat cheese and mandarin oranges to incorporate the creaminess of the cheese, and the fruity taste of the colorful oranges. We also served ours with a light tomato soup, but if you wish to save room for the main course, then a salad with champagne is the perfect duo.

2. Spicy Shrimp Miniature Tacos with a glass of Riesling 15 romantic food and wine pairings for valentine's dayKeeping in the white wine family, we’re serving our signature spicy shrimp miniature tacos with a glass of citrusy Riesling. This fruity wine is the perfect balance with the spicy flavors of the taco. Plus the petite size of the tacos makes it an ideal size for an appetizer and appealing to the eye.

3. Crab Cake with a glass of White Rioja 15 romantic food and wine pairings for valentine's dayWhite Rioja, is not only fun to say but also pairs very well with seafood. It is a Spanish white wine that is light-bodied, lively and dry. Of course a Baltimore Valentine’s Day cannot be complete without a crab cake. Our signature crab cake is stuffed with Gruyere cheese that takes the lump Maryland crab to a whole other level. This could be a part of your appetizer course, or it can be your entree. Either way, your Valentine will be swooned by this romantic food and wine pairing.

4. Heirloom Tomato Bruschetta with a glass of Chianti 15 romantic food and wine pairings for valentine's dayAnother practical Valentine’s day appetizer is an heirloom tomato bruschetta. Bruschetta incorporates all things good in this world, as it is the perfect combination of chopped tomatoes, fresh basil, olive oil and garlic. Seriously, does it get any better? Pair this classic Italian dish with a glass of Chianti and you will be falling in love with your amor all over again.

5. Crab Arancini with a glass of Chardonnay 15 romantic food and wine pairings for valentine's dayWant a quick way to impress your Valentine’s day date? Sneak more crab into your meal, and do it with an eloquent presentation. These crab arancinis are filled with crab and cheesy rice making it an unbeatable combination. What goes perfectly with seafood? Butter. What’s the closest comparison to butter when it comes to wine? Chardonnay. A glass of chardonnay with these crab arancinis will make cupid wish this was a dinner for three.

6. Duck Sliders with a glass of Pinot Noir 15 romantic food and wine pairings for valentine's dayIt’s ok if you are not that familiar with duck, that’s what Valentine’s day is for. Experiencing new dishes and flavors with your partner in crime. These duck sliders would go well with a sweet and light glass of Pinot Noir. We like to top our duck with a blueberry compote. This would elevate your dish to another level, and leave it hard for you to ever go back to a beef slider again.

7. Lamb Chops with a glass of Zinfandel 15 Romantic Food and Wine Pairings for Valentine's Day Whether you are in a relationship with someone with a Greek background or not, lamb makes for a beautiful romantic dish for Valentine’s day. Lamb chops are relatively easy to make, and it makes it seem even easier if you pair it with a glass of Zinfandel. Wild raspberry and rose petal aromas permeate from Zinfandel and compliment lamb chops very well.

8. Swordfish with a glass of Pinot Noir 15 Romantic Food and Wine Pairings for Valentine's Day Swordfish is the steak of seafood and makes for a hearty meal that would fill you up this Valentine’s Day. This meaty fish would pair well with a light red, like a pinot noir. This ruby red shows notes of black cherry, tart cranberry, potpourri, tobacco, black tea, forest floor, or cloves. An unbeatable pair, just like you and your Valentine.

9. Coq Au Vin with a glass of Cabernet 15 Romantic Food and Wine Pairings for Valentine's Day Coq au Vin is a classic French dish of chicken that is cooked in red wine. It is a delectable rustic dish that is sure to comfort you and your loved one this Valentine’s day. Since the chicken is cooked with red wine, then it only makes sense to drink a glass of red wine with the meal. We would recommend something light like a Cabernet Sauvignon.

10. Corvina with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc15 Romantic Food and Wine Pairings for Valentine's Day If you are a fan of white fish, then corvina is about to be your new best friend. Delicious in taste and texture, this fish pairs well with a sweet white wine like Sauvignon Blanc. We would recommend some colorful sides like sweet potatoes and asparagus to dress up this white fish.

11. Portobello with a glass of Merlot 15 Romantic Food and Wine Pairings for Valentine's Day A vegetarian Valentine’s Day meal option, this portobello stack is absolutely beautiful and beyond tasteful too. The portobello mushroom is stuffed with slices of tomato, squash and mozzarella cheese. It’s topped with a balsamic glaze that is the perfect touch of flavor to these roasted vegetables. A full-bodied wine like a Merlot would pair well with this rustic meal.

12. Beef Tenderloin with a glass of Syrah 15 Romantic Food and Wine Pairings for Valentine's Day Sliced beef tenderloin is hard to beat for any occasion, especially when it is topped with a Cabernet sauce. We slice our meat after it is medium rare, so that it is tender enough to be sliced with your fork. We would pair this meal with a spicy red like a Syrah that is the perfect blend of savory and spice. Any side would do, but we stay traditional pairing ours with a potato and vegetable.

13. Veal Osso Bucco Shepard Pie with a glass of Chianti 15 Romantic Food and Wine Pairings for Valentine's Day This classic Northern Italian veal dish is modernized in a Shepard Pie recipe that will knock your socks off. We make miniature Shepard Pies in ramekins because we plan for several courses for our romantic food and wine pairing for Valentine’s day. Pair this veal osso bucco Shepard pie with a glass of Chianti and you’ll practically be enjoying your Valentine’s day in Italy, instead of cold Maryland.

14. S’mores with a glass of Port Wine 15 Romantic Food and Wine Pairings for Valentine's Day What better way to end your Valentine’s day romantic food and wine dinner, than with s’mores? We make ours on lollipop sticks, to avoid the ooey-gooey mess and to easily top them with warm chocolate and crumbled graham crackers. What would be better is if you have a fire place, and you can cuddle next to your Valentine and make s’mores while drinking a glass of port wine.

15. Chocolate mousse with a glass of Zinfandel 15 Romantic Food and Wine Pairings for Valentine's Day Chocolate is a must for Valentine’s day, so we made our chocolate mousse cups to enjoy with a glass of Zinfandel. The sweet, fruity red wine works perfectly with the rich dark chocolate. Your favorite chocolate dish will work perfectly with this aromatic red wine.

We hope you enjoyed these 15 romantic food and wine pairings for Valentine’s day. Enjoy Valentine’s Day with your loved ones!

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Chase Court Wedding

Chase Court Wedding Ceremony
What month could be better to celebrate your love and commitment to someone other than the month of February? We kicked off this “month of love” on Saturday with two weddings at Chase Court. Today we are featuring our brunch wedding at Chase Court that was a hit for all of the guests. Susie and Andy said their “I do’s” in front of their family, friends, and adorable daughter. This Chase Court wedding was the perfect intimate wedding for Susie and Andy, who wanted to keep their wedding to their immediate family and close friends. We set-up the ceremony facing the rustic fireplace inside Chase Court’s ballroom, while the guest tables were pre-set behind the ceremony. We work with our clients to develop the ideal ceremony set-up to make transitioning the room from ceremony to reception, as efficient as possible.

With cocktail hour taking place in the library, we were able to make the transition in the ballroom very easily and without any of Andy and Susie’s guests watching. Since it was a brunch wedding, there were several delicious signature wedding drinks. We served the classic Bloody Mary, complete with an Old Bay rim and the works. We also had mimosas and screwdrivers for guests to enjoy with their appetizers. For appetizers, we had our signature Maryland Crab Dip, an assortment of cheese, fruit, and crackers with a coarse mustard. Since the bride’s family had a southern background, we had to make our buttery biscuits and croissants with three different jams and butter. When I was refilling the appetizers, one guest asked me to leave the bowl of crab dip with her to put in her car for later. I was tempted to oblige, but wanted all of the guests to continue to enjoy the rich, crabby-goodness.

After cocktail hour, guests headed back to the ballroom to see the room completely transformed. With red linens at each guest table, and long white napkins – this Chase Court wedding reception made a statement and complimented the February “love month” theme to a T. There were also huge Hershey kisses at the guest tables, as the couples’ last name is “Kiss.” No, we cannot make this up.

For the brunch buffet we had our chicken breast smothered in our “down home” gravy with roasted carrots, potatoes O’Brien, crispy bacon, and green beans in a white wine and garlic sauce. We also had an omelette station for guests to make their own omelettes. We had toppings like diced ham., crumbled bacon, tomatoes, sauteed peppers and onions, lox, cheddar cheese – you name it, we had it. Guests really enjoyed being able to choose their toppings for their omelette that our chefs prepared for them on site. It was also perfect for Susie and Andy’s daughter, who enjoyed some scrambled eggs with ham and cheese. Classic.

We served the gorgeous wedding cake for Susie and Andy’s guests, which included strawberry shortcake, and chocolate-chocolate cake. What better way to top off this brunch Chase Court wedding? The wedding guests’ favors was a bag of Hershey kisses. Obviously, Mr. and Mrs. Kiss knew how to sweeten up their guests.

Congratulations to the newly married couple. We wish you a life-time of happiness!

Chase Court Wedding Omelette Station
Chase Court Wedding Brunch Buffet
Chase Court Wedding Table Setting
Chase Court Wedding Flowers
Chase Court Wedding Favor

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Evergreen Carriage House Summer Wedding

Evergreen Carriage House Summer Wedding
At Zeffert and Gold catering we are hard pressed to believe that there is suppose to be six more weeks of winter. Especially when we are SO ready for our spring and summer upcoming weddings. We just had to share this Evergreen Carriage House summer wedding that was so beautiful it is sure to convince Punxsutawney Phil that the warm weather needs to come a whole lot sooner.

Toni and Matt had an outdoor ceremony at Evergreen Museum and Library in the gorgeous gardens facing the majestic fountain. Their guests knew from the ceremony that this was going to be an unforgettable celebration in a Baltimore venue that felt miles away from the metropolitan city.

After the ceremony in the gardens, the guests headed to cocktail hour in the courtyard that faces the one-of-a-kind yellow mansion. To appease their appetites we had hot Maryland crab dip, sweet and sour cocktail meatballs, crudite shots with an assortment of vegetables, and our bruschetta bazaar- complete with a roasted vegetable bruschetta, Muffaletto olive bruschetta, and tomato bruschetta. Can you believe a table of appetizers could look so gorgeous?

Guests also enjoyed the bride’s signature drink of Strawberry basil lemonade with vodka. The strawberry basil lemonade is seriously so delicious it made guests quickly question whether the alcohol was necessary at all. Of course they came to their senses and enjoyed it all the same.

Then, guests headed to the Carriage house for the reception. The guest tables were set-up in the tent with charcoal linens and white napkins. The head table also had a beautiful table runner that made it stand out. Having a long table for your bridal party is a great way to show appreciation to your friends and family for being in your bridal party. It also looks stunning in Evergreen’s Carriage house tent under the white lights. After the introductions and the first dance, we served a field green salad with crumbled Gorgonzola cheese, glazed walnuts, and balsamic vinaigrette. Then came the toast to the lovely couple, and Matt danced with his mom, while Toni danced with her dad. Now it was time for our favorite part – the main course.

For their wedding buffet we served boneless breast of chicken Provencal sauteed with tomatoes, onions, garlic and herbs. We also had our crowd-favorite, Teriyaki glazed salmon, on a bed of braised spinach, topped with caramelized onions. To go with that we had a triple roast of Yukon gold, red bliss and sweet potatoes. We also had a harvest medley of broccoli, cauliflower and carrots.

To top the meal off, our friend’s at Baltimore Cakery made an absolutely gorgeous three-tier wedding cake. The top and bottom tiers was our favorite flavor, Little Italy cake, with the middle tier a toasted almond and black raspberry cake. Delicious would be a understatement. We also served an assortment of Patisserie Poupon miniature french pastries. The perfect sweet treat to get people moving on the dance floor.

We hope this Evergreen Carriage House summer wedding warmed you up on this cold day in Baltimore. We cannot wait for our upcoming spring and summer weddings. Until then, we’ll keep sharing some of our previous catered weddings to help keep you warm. Congratulations to Toni and Matt!

Evergreen Carriage House Summer Wedding
Evergreen Carriage House Summer Wedding
Evergreen Carriage House Summer Wedding
Evergreen Carriage House Summer Wedding

Evergreen Carriage House Summer Wedding
Evergreen Carriage House Summer Wedding
Evergreen Carriage House Summer Wedding
Evergreen Carriage House Summer Wedding
Evergreen Carriage House Summer Wedding
Evergreen Carriage House Summer Wedding
Evergreen Carriage House Summer Wedding

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Hippodrome Catered Event

Hippodrome Catered EventThank you to Eric Stocklin for taking these wonderful photos.
The sleet and hail did not stop Baltimore event planners from networking at our Hippodrome Catered event last night. We invited Maryland and DC-metro event planners to join us for a night full of delicious food and drinks, before attending the Tony award-winning show, Annie. Thanks to our friends at the Hippodrome Theater, we had the perfect Baltimore venue to host our guests. Event planners’ networked and discussed their upcoming events, while trying some of our new menu items that we can’t wait to create for our catered weddings and events this year.

We created a unique and rustic table display with our wine barrels and box crates. The box crates add the perfect rustic touch and is great for adding varying levels for our food displays. For our stationary appetizers, we served a charcuterie platter with glazed walnuts, marinated olives, dried fruits and thinly sliced Italian meats served with a spicy fruit mustard and beet preserves. We also served my personal favorite, the chicken liver mousse. It is seriously to die for and perfect for dipping pita, crostini’s, and thin bread sticks with. To add some big flavors we had pickled vegetables and house smoked salmon topped with dill sriracha aioli. The smoky flavor was out of this world. To keep it classic, we served our olive tapenade, babaganoush, and olive oil and garlic hummus.

We also had small plates for guests that included General Tso’s pork belly slider with wonton crisps, a smoked cauliflower soup with a cheddar cheese pastry straw, a phyllo cup with diced braised beets, blue cheese, and lemon and chive vinaigrette, and  an Old Bay lemon crostini topped with lump Maryland crab, eastern shore remoulade and micro greens.

For the main course, we had two stations. A braised veal short rib small plate, which included veal short ribs, braised for 18 hours, with a sweet and smoky red wine pan sauce over Yukon gold and pearl onion hash. The other was a pan seared sea bass topped with Thai basil butter, toasted sesame, crispy lotus root and Chengdu peanut salad. Honestly, the salad by itself was so outstanding, but paired with the sea bass was unbelievable.

For dessert, we served an assortment of macaroons including pistachio, passion fruit, chocolate caramel, strawberry, mocha espresso and vanilla. The perfect sweet treat, after a lovely meal.

Hippodrome Catered Event
Hippodrome Catered Event
Hippodrome Catered Event
Hippodrome Catered EventWe want to thank the event planners at the Hippodrome, especially Kady for allowing us to host this great Hippodrome Catered Event. Also thank you to all of our lovely event planners that came to this event on such a dreary night. We look forward to more events of this nature in the future!

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Historic London Town Wedding In Edgewater, MD

Historic London Town Wedding in Edgewater, MD All photos in this blog post, are not ours. Credit to Love by Serena Wedding Photography.

For the sake of staying warm this winter, it’s vital that we keep sharing weddings that we catered during the warmer months. It’ll help our clients who are preparing for upcoming spring and summer weddings this year, and it will help us celebrate the weddings and events that left us so proud of our work last year.

Jackie and Richard’s beautiful Historic London Town wedding in Edgewater, MD was as beautiful as how their love story developed. Jackie and Richard met through working together, and their relationship grew when Richard moved to the States from England. Richard’s friends and families made the trip to Historic London Town in Edgewater, MD for the wedding. It was an intimate affair that celebrated Jackie and Richard’s love and commitment to one another. It was the blending of cultures that made this wedding truly unique like the English hats that the ladies wore to the weddings. Kate Middleton has nothing on these English women.

So, of course we had to do the same thing for the wedding menu. Blend Richard’s English background with Jackie’s American upbringing for the perfect, classic food style that would appease all of their guests. For appetizers, we served lamb skewers, crab macaroni and cheese, twice baked potatoes topped with sour cream and chives, Yorkshire pudding served with a creamy horseradish sauce, and a lemon ginger seared tuna mini taco with avocado and wasabi. If you’re not familiar with Yorkshire pudding, it is a classic English accompaniment to roasted meats. We served ours with beef and gravy on top of the Yorkshire pudding. The slightly messy appetizer was not a problem for the guests at this Historic London Town Wedding in Edgewater, MD.

For the main course, we served a baby field greens salad with crumbled Gorgonzola cheese, sliced pear, glazed walnuts and balsamic vinaigrette. The dual entree was an absolute Maryland classic with sliced Filet Mignon served with demi glaze and a jumbo lump crab cake served with an Eastern Shore Remoulade. This dual entree was accompanied by grilled asparagus and roasted fingerling potatoes.

After dinner, guests enjoyed dancing inside the Historic London Town property. Since it was rainy outside, we brought the wedding games inside the Historic London Town Wedding tent. Guests enjoyed playing Jumbo Jenga that was made from enormous pieces that towered on the ground. Perfect for a large crowd, and it proved to be quite the entertainment for the wedding. The centerpiece at each table was a different board game that guests could enjoyed with those at their table. What a unique wedding centerpiece that was fun for guests of all ages to enjoy. Since the guests worked up an appetite playing these wedding games, we serve beef burger sliders topped with American cheese and served with tater tots. Definitely an American inspired late night wedding snack.

The wedding decor details were simple, yet so eloquently beautiful. 24 mason jars with star lids and candles lined the backdrop of the wedding ceremony. It added the perfect touch of light to the indoor wedding, as it was a bit dreary outside. The guest book was unique too with a framed print of the United States and England to symbolize the joining together of the bride and groom. The escort card holder was an amazing cork board made from wine corks. A perfect DIY escort card idea for your wedding. To incorporate the groom’s love for cricket, there was a print of cricket fielding positions on a gold stand, in addition to a vintage cricket bat and ball. Seriously, how much more personable can your wedding decor details be? Leave it to Jackie and Richard to also have customized corn hole boards, with their initials on it underneath the map of the United States and England.

Every single personal touch from this Historic London Town Wedding in Edgewater, MD was so unique and told a story of the couple to their family and friends. We absolutely loved catering this wedding in Annapolis. We wish Jackie and Richard a lifetime of happiness!

Thank you to Love by Serena for these beautiful wedding photographs.

Historic London Town Wedding in Edgewater, MD
Historic London Town Wedding in Edgewater, MD
Historic London Town Wedding in Edgewater, MD
Historic London Town Wedding in Edgewater, MD
Historic London Town Wedding in Edgewater, MD

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Winter Wedding at Chase Court

Winter Wedding at Chase Court
On the corner of Chase Street and St. Paul, sits a historic architectural gem that was built in 1879 and still shines 136 years later. Chase Court is a Baltimore venue that encapsulates the history of Baltimore in the Mount Vernon area. Brides, who are new to the area, have a hard time getting over that this stone Gothic-style building is in the heart of the historic Mount Vernon district. The neighborhood’s brownstones and townhouses represent a cross-section of 19th century architectural styles, including Georgian, Greek Revival, Renaissance Revival, and Beaux Arts.

Now that you have an image of the area, try to picture it with snow on the ground and with a frost on the windows. The fireplace inside Chase Court roaring, while your wedding ceremony is taking place facing the gorgeous Gothic windows. Your guests meandering around the venue from the library to get cocktails to the ballroom. Some of them even sneak outside to get some fresh air with their coats on, as they take in the beauty of the outdoor gardens. Forgetting that they are even in a major metropolitan city.

That was similar to the setting of Molly and Ryan’s Winter Wedding at Chase Court. Molly and Ryan’s winter wedding took place at 10:30 a.m., so the wedding menu was a beautiful, light brunch buffet. We started with a block of bleu cheese, brie, glazed walnuts, fresh grapes and crackers on the appetizer table. In addition to a fresh fruit platter and an assortment of freshly baked muffins.

Then, for the main meal we served warm biscuits with turkey, ham, sausage gravy, jam, fruit jelly, honey rosemary butter, sliced strawberries, and mayonnaise offered on the side. We also served crab and cheddar cheese quiche that went well with the quiche Lorraine with bacon. We accompanied this with a field greens salad with toasted almonds, dried cranberries, crumbled feta cheese and raspberry vinaigrette. Of course we had grilled asparagus spears with lemon zest too.

It was a pleasure catering this winter wedding at Chase Court. Interested in seeing Chase Court for yourself? There is a wedding bridal show at Chase Court this Saturday, January 17th from 11 am – 3 pm. Tour this beautiful Baltimore wedding venue, meet great vendors, and try our food for free! Bring your fiance, maid of honor, parents, whomever to this Baltimore wedding show. We hope to see you there! Click here for information on planning your winter wedding at Chase Court.

Winter Wedding at Chase Court
Winter Wedding at Chase Court
Winter Wedding at Chase Court
Winter Wedding at Chase Court
Winter Wedding at Chase Court
Winter Wedding at Chase Court
Winter Wedding at Chase Court
Winter Wedding at Chase Court

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Wedding Fails: Week One

Dropped Wedding Cake

We have entered the new year with lots of humor, and hope to ease your worries throughout your wedding planning with laughter. We’re putting to the test what some of our clients consider “worst case scenarios” for their wedding day. In other words, as long as ___ happens, they’ll be content with their special day. What would that be for you, or – what happened to you on your wedding day that you wouldn’t wish upon your worst enemy. This will be a five part series that we will feature weekly to humor you, and ensure that these things never happen on your wedding day under our catering watch (knock on wood, of course).

Wedding fails: Week One – Dropped Wedding Cake
You spend months planning your wedding. Going through every intricate detail to make sure that this day is everything you’ve ever imagined, and more. Between the tasting for the catering company and the wedding cake tasting, you know that your guests are going to LOVE what they have to eat, and will find room for the cake at the end of the event. You were debating between a three-tier cake and a two-tier cake, but after seeing the final product of the three-tier- you are so glad you splurged. Top tier red velvet cake with butter cream frosting, middle tier chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting, and the third tier, your absolute favorite. Baltimore Cakery’s Little Italy Cake with their to die-for cannoli icing. You are so happy with how it turned out, and you can’t wait to slice the first cake with your husband and maybe even smudge a piece in his face. The toasts are over, and it’s time to cut the cake. The catering company goes to move the cake to the display table, and then it happens. Your worst nightmare.

The cake goes tumbling to the floor. The hundreds of dollars you spent on the dessert that you were going to even freeze the top layer for to share with your sweetie-pie on your one-year anniversary. It’s gone. Your wedding is ruined. Your guests are in shock, and have no idea how to console you, or to break it to you that they weren’t that excited for the cake anyways. Nevertheless, it was important to you, and to your special day.

This is a real fear that some brides have, and with good reason. Cakes that are high in layer, are at times difficult to transport. If you do not have a staff that is strong enough, or intelligent enough to move the cake in a safe manner – then this could happen to you.

Luckily, for those of you who are our clients, we have highly trained staff who know how to handle these situations. First of all, the cake would never be moved prior to you cutting the first slice. There is a table designated for just holding the cake, and keeping it out of reach so there are no collisions with the cake on the dance floor. Second, when we do move the cake, we make sure to use only our staff who are comfortable and strong enough to move the cake. Most of the times, this means the manager is moving the cake. Others, it is whoever is the strongest of the staff. We take no chances when it comes to this highly important, sentimental dessert. Our one event designer, I won’t name names, but they won’t even move the cake because they do not want to take the chance of dropping it.

We take the moving of the cake very seriously, as we do cutting the cake. We don’t charge a cake cutting fee, as we’re happy to serve your guests as many flavors of cakes that you desire. Some of our clients have a small wedding cake, and then buy sheet cakes for us to cut in the back to then bring out to serve to their guests. No one even realizes, and it is an easy way to save money. We work with three bakeries, which includes Baltimore Cakery, Sugar Bakers and Patisserie Poupon. We are more than happy to serve as the liaison between the bakery, so the only thing on your plate is the cake. You can also have the cake tasting at our office if it is more convenient for you. Talk to your event designed today to learn more about our dessert options and start planning your wedding cake today.

Here are some cakes that were transported in one piece under our watch:

Hippodrome Theatre Baltimore Wedding
2014 Wedding Trends
Dessert Table Wedding
American Visionary Art Museum Wedding Cake Walker's Overlook Wedding Cupcake Dessert Table Baltimore Catering
Wedding Cake
Sea Shells Beach Themed Wedding Cake Zeffert and Gold Catering
Wedding Cake Baltimore Wedding
Naked Cake by Zeffert and Gold Catering
Rustic Box Wedding Cake Table
Baltimore Zoo Mansion House Wedding Cake
Baltimore Wedding Cake with Crabs
Ravens and Orioles Themed Wedding Cake
Amazing Baltimore Wedding Cake

Liriodendron Mansion Garden Theme Wedding Bel Air Maryland Wedding Venue Cloisters Castle Katie and Ryan Lutherville Maryland Wedding Cake
Dani Leigh Photography Custom Designed Cake Topper Terps University of Maryland

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2015 Wedding Wire Couples’ Choice Award

2015 Wedding Wire Couples' Choice Award
What better way to kickoff the year than with an award from our amazing former clients? We have received word that for the sixth consecutive year, we have been awarded the 2015 Wedding Wire Couples’ Choice Award. Wedding Wire is the nation’s leading technology company serving the $100+ billion wedding, corporate, and social events industry. Launched in 2007, WeddingWire is the largest and most trusted online marketplace connecting merchants with engaged couples and party planners.

The WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Awards® recognizes the top five percent of local wedding professionals from the WeddingWire Network who demonstrate excellence in quality, service, responsiveness and professionalism. Unlike other awards in which winners are selected by the organization, winners of the WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Awards® are determined by recent reviews and extensive surveys from over a million WeddingWire newlyweds.

When talking to potential clients, we always recommend that they read our reviews on Wedding Wire or the Knot because they are written by our former clients, who know firsthand what it is like to work with us. We know that we are a dependable, high-quality catering company, but we don’t want you to take our word for it. Take the word from someone who has been in your shoes. Who has felt the stress of planning a wedding in the Baltimore, DC and North Virginia area. Hear what it was like to work with a family-owned company, who has been a leading catering company for 30 years. See how that kind of experience impacts how an event is planned, and how a menu is developed.

We build custom menus, so that your menu is completely personalized for your special day. Do you want a mundane menu that hundreds of people have already used for their weddings? Or do you want a menu that incorporates your families’ recipes and you and your fiance’s personalities and food preferences within your menu. We can do that. We do, do that for hundreds of couples every year, and according to our former clients, we are doing it well. But don’t take our word for it. See for yourself why we have been awarded the 2015 Wedding Wire Couples’ Choice Award http://www.weddingwire.com/biz/zeffert-and-gold-catering-and-event-planning-baltimore/98a5698df0f493ae.html

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Hippodrome Theatre Baltimore Wedding

Hippodrome Theatre Baltimore Wedding
The Hippodrome Theatre in Baltimore was built in 1914 as a movie palace that also showcased vaudeville performances. Sound for the movies was provided by piano, a Moller organ commissioned for the theatre, and an orchestra. This beautiful, historical performing arts center is a breathtaking venue for Baltimore weddings. We had the pleasure of catering Joann and Won’s Hippodrome Theatre Baltimore wedding. The pictures by Ethan Yang Photography captured the eloquent wedding reception that we were honored to be a part of.

The reception tables are positioned on the stage of the Hippodrome Theatre, so guests can peer out into the audience, as though they were an actor in a play. On each table were gorgeous, tall flower centerpieces, draped with beautiful jewels by Sheila Smith Wedding and Floral Design, LLC. Tables were draped in gorgeous grey table linens with royal purple napkins that gave the perfect splash of color on the tables.

Of course we brought many different colors to the appetizer table with our bruschetta bazaar, hand rolled sushi, caprese bruschetta with crystallized basil, and Maryland crab dip. We also had butlered appetizers with shrimp tostada with mango salsa, Latin beef empanadas, scallops wrapped in bacon, duck mandarin pancakes, and baby lamb chops with demi glaze.

For the main meal, we served a field green salad with dried cranberries, toasted almonds and crumbled feta cheese, tossed with raspberry vinaigrette. For the dual entree we served grilled filet mignon and a jumbo lump crab cake with demi glaze and Eastern Shore remoulade. Steamed asparagus spears with Parmesan cheese and garlic mashed red potatoes put this meal over the top.

These pictures speak to the beauty and eloquence that was this Hippodrome Theatre Baltimore wedding. Joann and Won, we were so happy to be a part of your special day!

Hippodrome Theatre Baltimore Wedding Hippodrome Theatre Baltimore Wedding Hippodrome Theatre Baltimore Wedding                                 Hippodrome Theatre Baltimore Wedding Hippodrome Theatre Baltimore Wedding








Hippodrome Theatre Baltimore Wedding Hippodrome Theatre Baltimore Wedding Hippodrome Theatre Baltimore Wedding








Hippodrome Theatre Baltimore Wedding


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2014 Wedding Trends

2014 Wedding Trends
As we enter the New Year, we wanted to review the most popular 2014 Wedding Trends. What some might call the year of the mason jar and resurgence of burlap. Are you ready to say goodbye to these wedding trends? Or will they be making a comeback in 2014? Here is a list of the top 2014 wedding trends.

1. Mason Jars
2014 weddings were loaded with mason jars in every facet of the wedding reception. Some couples used mason jars to hold their signature drink, while others used mason jars as part of their center piece to hold candles, or flower bouquets. While they do add a rustic charm to outdoor weddings, 2015 may be the year of antique milk bottles, or glass-cut pitchers. There’s plenty of alternative ways to add a unique look to a table centerpiece.

2014 Wedding Trends

Debra Witt of Bridal Guide Magazine says, “Centerpieces are no longer confined to the center of the table. in fact, clever brides will be hanging their showcase blooms from above — no more peeking around a tall vase to talk to your table partners!”

2014 Wedding Trends

2. Burlap
This fabric that somewhat resembles a potato sack, but still manages to add the perfect rustic touch to your table linens is staying in 2014. This 2014 wedding trend caught on fire so much so, that guests could almost guarantee a burlap appearance at their friend’s wedding.2014 Wedding Trends

There’s lots of alternatives to burlap that still have texture, but don’t shed as much as burlap tends to do. One wedding trend in 2015 will be dyed muslin linens. It’ll be the hombre of linens, and will be much more unique in the variety of colors than burlap could ever offer.

2014 Wedding Trends

3. Photo booth
Who doesn’t love this wedding tradition? Seeing your guests having a ball and dressing up in silly props. It really is an effective way to make sure you have a picture of each of your guests. But has the photo booth become too cliche? Has it lost its niche?

What about a video booth? This way your guests can leave you recorded messages (that they may or may not want to see the next morning). It would be something different and may be on the rise in 2015.

2014 Wedding Trends

4. Chevron
Much like burlap this patterned fabric was everywhere in 2014. Table runners, cake designs, wedding favors – you name it. Is it time to ditch this print for a more cleaner, classic look for 2015? What about bold linens or watercolor florals? You can also try rope prints, or ikats in tribal, ethnic and geometric patterns. “In my opinion, Mandarin Blue China patterns will be the next hottest trend,” says Leslie Price of In Any Event.

2014 Wedding Trends

5. Barn Weddings
Yee-haw. Who is ready to stay out of the barn yard in 2015? Don’t get us wrong. Barn weddings, especially on farms in Maryland, can really be beautifully eloquent affairs. It just takes a lot of decorating to get the right amount of rustic to the right amount of class. We would suggest looking for venues that have just as much charm in museums, Victorian mansions and other unique venues in Maryland. We’ll always help plan a barn wedding, but make sure your prepared for your dress to get a little dirty in the field.

2014 Wedding Trends

Having recapped five of the biggest 2014 wedding trends, we want to take this time to thank you for such an amazing year. With catering hundreds of weddings, mitzvahs, corporate events and fundraisers, we were blessed to have met thousands of amazing people. Seeing a room transform after months of planning is almost as rewarding as seeing your faces when you see your dream room for the first time. It is truly why we love what we do. We look forward to an even busier 2015 year, and can’t wait to see all of the new wedding trends unfold. Happy New Year!

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