For the past three years, Chef Daniel Elardo of Zeffert and Gold Catering has participated in the Take Your Children to Work Day Culinary Education Program at Coastal Sunbelt Produce Company. In past years Chef Daniel has worked with the children, teaching them how to make items such as miniature gourmet s’mores, flash fried wontons with peanut butter, jelly & banana, and other delicious creations. This year Chef Daniel taught the children how to make “Cone-Olis”, a play on a typical cannoli, using an ice cream cone instead of a typical shell. He then showed them how to decorate plates with fresh berries, edible flowers and fruit sauces. Many of the kids enjoyed learning how to make the intricate patterns with the fruit sauces, which many of them had seen at “fancy restaurants.” This is a special event that Chef Daniel enjoys participating in as much as the children enjoy learning and eating. Zeffert and Gold is proud to have members of our family, like Daniel, who love working with children and giving back to our wonderful Baltimore community!