An increasing trend in the U.S. not only at bars and restaurants, but also at weddings, is offering more craft beers. Although overall beer consumption in the U.S. has decreased by over 5% in the past three years, craft beers increased in sales by over 34% in 2011. Analysts, say that people are drinking less overall, as a result of the economy, stricter traffic enforcement laws, and health concerns. While they are drinking less overall, when they choose to drink they are beer with more flavor, fun names, and ones which have a story behind them.

What does this mean for your wedding? Instead of offering the traditional array of beers that can be found on tap at many restaurants, put together an assortment fun craft beers that you enjoy. Your guests will love experimenting with these craft beers and will always remember where they tried their new favorite beer.


Some ideas to consider:

Seasonal beers are a great way for you to enhance your event.

– India pale ales (IPA’s)  are always a trendy favorites

– Sour Beers with a dry finish are great for warm weather events.

– Beers made with unusual ingredients such as fruit, herbs, spices, and wood will certainly excite your guests.

– If you are big into beer, a personalized mason jar might be the perfect wedding favor for your guests to use at the event, and then take home and enjoy.

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