When planning your wedding there are so many options for every decision. Your bar is no different. Below we will try and explain several different options for stocking the bar for your big day.


Open Bar:

The open bar has traditionally been the most popular option for many couples. This has the most options, but it is also the most expensive. At a full open bar guests can order almost any drink on the planet and the bartender will be able to oblige. Many catering companies have different levels, each with different price points. At Zeffert and Gold Catering we have 3 open bar options that guests can select from when looking for the right bar for your Baltimore wedding. The positive of these options are the ability for any guests to be able to find a drink that they will enjoy, with the biggest negative being the cost.


Limited Bar:

With a limited bar you are offering guests a few specified options that they can select from. Most limited bars involve beer and wine or beer and wine and a signature drink or two. The biggest advantages to selecting a limited bar is that you can customize fun drinks to fit your event and it also keeps the cost lower than if you did a full open bar.


Host Provided Alcohol Bar:

The host provided alcohol bar is the option that has been recently growing in popularity. This allows you, as the host, to provide the alcohol to the caterer. The caterer will supply bartenders, sodas, mixers, bar fruit, ice, glassware and everything else that you need besides alcohol. You can supply just beer and wine, or you can opt to offer a full open bar. The big savings on the host provided alcohol bar is that at the end of the event you are able to return any unopened bottles to the liquor store that you purchased from.


How Much Do You Have to Buy If you Supply?

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Host Provided Alcohol Facts:

A bottle of champagne fills six to eight glasses

A bottle of wine fills five glasses

A liter bottle of liquor makes about 18 drinks

A case of wine contains 12 bottles.

A case of beer contains 24 bottles or cans.