Ok, we’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. We are done with Winter. We are ready to move on to warm, spring weddings and events. We’ll deal with the spring showers, because we know that it will at least bring May flowers. But what in the world does snow bring? Other than lots of layers of clothes, icy conditions, and the desire to stay home to be warm instead of go to your friend’s event. What we should be doing is designing spring ideas for your wedding.

We are ready to start preparing for all of our spring weddings and special events. Whether you are planning a wedding, hosting a spring event or want to spruce up your home decor; we want to share with you some springs ideas for your wedding or event.

This post was adapted from Wedding Party App. Follow their blog for more planning ideas.

First, let’s start with some tips for planning your spring wedding or event.
1. You can’t predict Spring Weather
Even though we may all be done with winter, it may not be done with us. It’s hard to predict when the last of Jack Frost will be, so you need to be prepared for any weather scenario. You can still have your bridesmaids be in super cute spring dresses, but just make sure you have cover-ups, or shrugs for your ladies’ to wear to keep warm from the brisk air.

2. Consider Sunday’s
Most venues and other vendors will offer you a discount for having your wedding on a Sunday. With there being a few extra long weekends in spring, due to national holiday’s- this is the time to consider a Sunday wedding. Your family and friends won’t have to take off any extra time, as they may be visiting home for the holiday.

3. Choose Flowers in Season
Embrace the flowers that are in bloom during the spring, as they may not be available later in the year. The colors from peonies, hyacinths, lilacs, magnolias, tulips, etc. will brighten up your wedding and put a smile on all of your guests’ faces.
Don’t stop with utilizing spring flowers. Embrace all seasonal decor like vintage watering cans full of spring flowers, living centerpieces of herbs and greens, favors with potted seeds for your guests to take home. There are so many ways that will make all of your guests grow to love outdoor weddings.

4. The Colors of Springs
Winter is associated with white and blue; while Fall is more associated with oranges and dark reds. Let spring reign true with pastels like blush pink or dusty blue. Pair these pastel colors with complimentary bright colors, and it will be a spring-time match made in heaven.

Are you ready to see some spring wedding ideas? Scroll below, and add some of these ideas to your Wedding Pinterest boards.