There are many tasks that you will face when planning your wedding! Therefore, it can certainly be easy to become overwhelmed. When planning your big day, you will be meeting with many wedding professionals, keeping track of important dates, planning specific elements, and trying your best to keep everything in order.

Take a Look at the Top Tips to Assist You with Planning a Large Wedding

To accomplish your wedding with your sanity intact, you will need to stay organized! This is much easier when you have a little insight on the best ways to keep your planning tasks in check. After all, you certainly wouldn’t want anything to go wrong on your big day.

We believe that every wedding should be planned with ease! That’s why, here at Zeffert & Gold Catering, as Baltimore wedding caterers, we have gathered some tips to assist you with staying calm as you plan your own nuptials. Would you like to discover what these tips are? If so, be sure to read on:

  • Create a Timeline

    In order to accomplish your wedding planning goals in a timely manner, you will need to create a timeline! Think of your wedding date, rehearsal dinner, and other crucial events for your big day. Also, keep in mind that some details may take more time to produce or prepare than others. Give yourself enough time to ensure that these events are completed with ease. In addition, don’t forget to schedule appointments that will assist you with creating your big day, such as cake tasting or a meeting with the florist. Knowing all of your tasks, and when they should be completed, will certainly keep you on track.

  • Develop Spreadsheets

    Businesses have been very successful in maintaining a smooth flowing operation with the use of spreadsheets. So, why not utilize them when planning your own wedding? Not only do they outline everything that you need, but they can be a living document that will allow you to mark off your tasks. From completed to urgent, marking dates, or even adding new tasks as they arise, your spreadsheets can do it all!

  • Keep It All Together

    Have you ever been told a story where major details had been left out? It is very likely that you missed key details needed to understand the story. Think of your wedding planning details as a story. You must keep everything together to avoid missing out on very important details. Therefore, you should certainly invest in a wedding planning binder! This will allow you to keep all of your paperwork, spreadsheets, receipts, invoices, and even your timeline, all in one, organized binder. What a great way to stay organized!

These organizational tips will help you feel confident when planning your nuptials! After all, you deserve to be anything but stressed out when creating your happily ever after.

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Are you planning your own big day and ready to hire a wedding caterer in Baltimore, Maryland? If so, please contact us here at Zeffert & Gold Catering, as we would be thrilled with the opportunity to be a part of your celebration!