Our chefs at Zeffert and Gold Catering have been working to come up with new fun and exciting menu items for your special event. As Baltimore’s best custom catering company we are happy to work with you to include not only these delicious new creations in your menu, but we specialize in designing items that fit exactly what you are looking for. Regardless of whether its a recipe that you though up in your head, a family recipe that you want to incorporate into your wedding,  or a dish you had at an amazing restaurant or on vacation; let your event designer know and we will be happy to put together a menu that will thrill and excite your guests!


This is our spicy Sushi Stack with sticky rice, black and white sesame seeds, and spicy crab salad! Yummm


Sliced Filet drizzled with balsamic chipotle cocoa glaze served with seasoned potato batonnettes topped with micro thyme and steamed asparagus finished with lemon

Zeffert and Gold’s Baltimore Club