There is nothing better than using locally grown herbs, or fresh produce to create new recipes or add a new twist to personal favorite recipes. We work with our clients to design custom events and use green, sustainable, and local catering practices whenever possible. Our herb garden plants and fresh garden produce have been growing and providing inspiration for us in the kitchen since we planted our own outdoor garden three years ago. For us, it has been a fantastic way to incorporate organic ingredients in our homemade sauces like our tomato-basil marinara, and our pesto and herb sauce. It has also been great to add locally-grown fresh herbs to recipes like our herb crusted Corvina topped with beurre blanc and micro greens, or even our refreshing strawberry and basil lemonade. Using our own organic produce and herbs allows us to be even more creative with the custom-designed menus we create for our clients.

Iris Gold, Matt Gold, and Daniel Elardo, our Executive Chef, are three of our green-thumb team members that have helped to grow and maintain our outdoor garden of herbs and vegetables. In our outdoor garden we have herbs like Thai basil, rosemary, mint, basil, spicy oregano, tarragon, and rosemary. Our cucumber and tomato plants are bursting with great produce too. We even grow our own gourds to use in the fall catering season. Some of our summer garden vegetables like our heirloom tomato plant and our cucumber plant were two great finds by Iris and Matt at the farmers’ market in downtown Baltimore. We love to support local farmers and food vendors. The Baltimore Farmers’ Market and Bazaar is Maryland’s largest producers-only market. It is a fantastic way to spend a Sunday with family and friends and try locally-grown produce. Be sure to check back here and see some of our recipes inspired from our urban garden and how we’re using our locally-grown produce at our catered events.