Are you having trouble matching your wedding dreams to your wedding budget? Wedding expenses can be a major stressor, it’s not like we all just have half a million dollars laying around to throw at our wedding… (I’m looking at you Nick and Priyanka). Believe it or not, there are ways to pull of your perfect wedding for less thank you think. Here are some cost saving tips for a wedding that won’t break the bank!

Don’t Go Crazy on the Guest List!

It can be difficult to determine who gets an invite and who doesn’t, but that doesn’t mean invite everyone. Keep in mind that a ton of wedding costs are broken down per person. As your guest list grows, so does your bill! There are a million ways to cut down your wedding guest list Between limiting the plus one’s or going with an adult only reception, you just have to determine what works best for you!

Consider Different Dates

If you’re looking for a Saturday in June, it’s likely that no vendors are going to be giving you budget breaks. Most wedding vendors will be a bit more flexible during less popular months, such as January, February, March, July, or August. Another great way to bring down the pricing is by hosting your wedding on a Friday or Sunday, rather than a Saturday. These days are generally less busy for wedding vendors, which results in better pricing for you!

Reduce your Rentals

Martha Stewart may say that Farm Style tables and Armless Ghost chairs are all the rage, but those upgrades come with some hefty price tags. If your venue includes tables and chairs, stick with those! If not, consider less extravagant rentals! In 20 years will you really remember if the linens were satin or polyester? If you work with a full service catering company they will most likely include basic linens in the pricing and can generally get you some great rates your tables and chairs! If you have your heart set on something specific, consider a comprise.  Cut back in areas you care less about to splurge on those little details you have your heart set on!

Skip the Wedding Cake

Wedding Cakes can be seriously expensive, and truth be told, most of that pricy cake is going to be tossed out anyway! Opt-out of the traditional wedding cake and go for a ceremonial cake instead. This will please your more traditional guests by still having the cake cutting aspect, while saving some serious cash. In place of the wedding cake, offer mini assorted desserts instead! This still offers your guests something sweet for their dancing breaks, but for a fraction of the cost.

Plan to go Over Budget

Finally, don’t forget to put a little bit aside. Things happen, plans change, and most of the time… weddings come in over budget. Set aside an “extra’s” fund to cover those unexpected costs. This will give you a little more wiggle room and will be a life saver for staying on budget! If you are somehow lucky enough not to need it, use it as a splurge fund for the honeymoon!

Don’t let all this wedding stress get the best of you. At the end of the day all you need to have the perfect wedding is good friends, good food, and your special someone.

With that being said, let Zeffert and Gold take one more thing off your list! Contact one of our experienced event designers today! With years of experience providing delicious food for weddings and events, we can create you the perfect customized menu that fits not only your taste, but your budget as well!