We wanted to piggyback on our previous post about finding the perfect site for your wedding by providing some questions that you should definitely ask when venue searching.

Will our event be the only event taking place at your location that day?

If the site has more than one reception a day, find out if there will be any difficulties regarding timing. You do not want to feel rushed during setup nor do you want to feel rushed to leave towards the end of the event. Also, if extending the party is a possibility this could present a problem.

Are there any spaces in or around the venue that we do not have access to or that cost any additional money?

Some venues rental price includes only certain rooms. If there is an area you are thinking about utilizing for the ceremony, as a bridal suite, during the cocktail hour or as an after party hangout, you want to make sure these spaces are included in the base rental price.

Are there any special rules or restrictions that we need to follow?

If you are looking to set up extensive decorations, such as hanging lights, or elaborate food stations, with open flames, it pays to make sure this is allowed. Also, some common rules such as no red wine, beer only allowed in glasses, and no lit candles are important to know.

How much parking is available?

The last thing you want on your wedding day is for guests to struggle to find parking for your event. If no parking lot is available, it may pay to hire a valet service or make arrangements with a parking lot or garage to ease the day for your guests.

Will our guest count fit into this space comfortably?

The number of guests that a room will comfortably fit and the number of guests that the fire marshal allows in a room should be DIFFERENT. Remember, not only are there going to be guests siting at tables, but you will most likely need room for a dance floor, food stations, a bar, etc..  You want to make sure that you can fit all of the things you need for your party in the room without guests feeling cramped.

Can we use any vendors we want?

Some sites have exclusive contracts with certain caterers, florists, entertainers and other wedding professionals. If a venue has a list of a few preferred vendors, this may help shorten your search. But it may also prevent you from using a wedding professional that you prefer.