On a beautiful October day, Elizabeth and Joe walked down the Museum of Industry pier to take each others hands in marriage. Everything that happened that day seemed to be pure magic. From the gorgeous weather, to the amazing view of the Baltimore waterfront, and lets no forget about the delicious catered food…this wedding really had it all!  Of the many special touches, the one that stood out with this wedding, was their idea to involve charities in lieu of wedding gifts. The couple gave each guests a cork, which they were to put in a bin to represent their choice. The couple divided their donations to each of the charities based on the number of corks their guests put in each bin. Talk about a special touch to an amazing Baltimore wedding! Zeffert and Gold Catering is happy to have worked with Beth and Joe and wishes you a lifetime of happiness together!   All Photography by: Kathleen Hertel Photography  www.KathleenHertel.com                  All Photography by: Kathleen Hertel Photography  www.KathleenHertel.com