Planning a wedding is no easy task, but with today’s technology and the power of your smartphone, couples are able to tackle small and large details and manage tasks by utilizing apps which make wedding planning a little bit simpler. There are many apps on the iPhone and Android market which cater to all aspects of planning. Zeffert and Gold has carefully compiled a list of our favorite wedding planning apps-all of which are multi-functional, dependable, and affordable! These apps all provide the same purpose: to make your wedding planning as stress-free, simple, and enjoyable as possible!


1. Wedit-This is just about the coolest, most innovative way  to capture memories from a guest’s perspective. How it works is Wedit sends 5 HD cameras in the mail 3 days before the wedding. The bride and groom can then give them out to guests, people in the wedding party, or anyone attending their special day. After the big day, the couple sends the cameras back with all of the funny or sentimental footage to Wedit. Wedit will then take the footage and make special videos with music for the bride and groom to watch and enjoy after their wedding. The total package is about $500, but a great deal for the memories you are capturing by those who attended your special day. Wedit is not an app you can find on the app markets, but you can find out more about it at



2. The Married App-This innovative photo app lets guests take photos of your special day and the pictures are automatically shared in real time through the customized app. Even better-since the pictures are stored in real time, they can be displayed on a projector or television during the reception. What a cool way to capture memories and candid moments of your special day as they are happening! Plus, it’s free for iPhone and Droid users!


3. WeddingScan-This app is extremely helpful as couples do their gift registry because you can use the barcode scanner on any item from any store. If a product doesn’t have a barcode, the couple can take a picture and add a brief description of the item. Guests can then purchase the items from the store it was scanned from, a trusted vendor on, or anywhere else they may find it. The items are stored in one central location through the WeddingScan app or on the website for easy accessibility. This app is only $2.99!


4. The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner-This is THE ultimate planning guide (hence the name) where you can access every wedding detail from anywhere. This FREE app sets a countdown until your wedding, a checklist of tasks already done, future tasks and current tasks, a budget tool, wedding vendor search, ideas for dress, cake, décor and so much more. This app really is a multi-functional tool to help keep your wedding planning moving.


5. Seating Planner-One of the most tedious tasks of wedding planning is making a seating chart for guests at the reception. With Seating Planner, you can fix your seating arrangement by dragging guest names to the tables ordered by number. You can also track who accepts and declines your invitation, as well as special meals for guests. Choose from a number of different table shapes and guest numbers per table. This app can save a bunch of time when trying to determine where your guests will sit. This app costs $1.99.



6. Fun Wedding-Getting your guests to the dance floor requires an upbeat wedding playlist, and you can custom make it using Fun Wedding. For 99 cents, you can choose from over 19 music charts which have been requested at receptions all over the world. You can choose the timeless classics that bring everyone to their feet, to the most popular first dance songs, or today’s top 40 songs. There are thousands of songs to choose from to create your personalized wedding playlist that will have people on the dance floor all night.


There are many apps on the market aimed to assist your wedding planning, so play around with ones you find interesting until you find ones that work for you. The apps range in price, but there are many free ones you can utilize. Remember-wedding planning should be an exciting time where stress should be limited. Have fun with it because it will pass by faster than you can say “Zeffert and Gold!” Happy planning!