One of our favorite magazines is Cuisine at Home. It’s  full of great recipes, tips, techniques and pictures. One of the best parts of the magazine is right at the beginning when readers send in their personal tricks they use while cooking. We’ve compiled a short list for you to try at home.

– We know you’ve got spare wine corks lying around somewhere. Rather than trashing them, tuck them under the lid handles for your pots and pans. Instead of reaching for pot holders, grab the corks and lift. Your fingers will be burn free and you’re recycling, it’s a win, win.

– Ensure you get all those pesky bell pepper seeds out each time by using a melon baller to scrape out the seeds and veins from the inside of the pepper. Now your pepper is perfectly primed for stuffing.

-Nothing beats homemade pasta sauce. When you accidently make to much line a muffin tin with a foil cupcake liner followed by a paper cupcake liner. Pour the sauce into the lined tins and once it is solid just transfer it to a plastic bag and freeze it. To use it just peel away the liners and voila! Perfectly portioned pasta sauce.


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