Any type of event; big or small involves choices. Many choices that narrow down the ambiance, design and overall feel of your unique event. One of the biggest choices any client must face is how guests will receive their food. Remember no event is complete without delicious food, and there are many options to consider when serving it to guests. The most common ways to serve your menu is buffet style,  stations style and sit-down style. Both are great options, but they are very different styles. Buffet style is usually presented on an elegant table with a large assortment of food options for guests to pick and choose what they want to eat. Sit-down style is presented to guests in artfully designed plates and served at the guest’s table. Depending on how many guests attend, how long your event is, and the style of your event (casual or fancy), please consider these pro’s and con’s so that you can choose the serving option best for your event.

Buffet Style: Advantages

-Said to be less intimidating with a more casual feel. Great for picky or dietary restricted guests.
-Generally more affordable than sit-down style.
-Encourages guests to get out of their seats and mingle.
-Accommodates different tastes.

Buffet Style: Disadvantages

-Fear of having guests eat too much food and getting tired.
-Some don’t like the idea of  having guests serve themselves.
-Space needed for long buffet tables (sometimes more than one table) for the food to sit on.

Sit-Down Style: Advantages

-Creates an intimate ambiance with an elegant feel.
-Ideal for guests with small children and elderly guests.
-Controlled portion sizes and less worry of too much food.

Sit-Down Style: Disadvantages

-Guests have less choice in their meal.
-May increase budget based on selected menu items.
-Must know vegetarian, kosher or any other guests with special accommodations ahead of time.

Both styles of serving are great and offer guests a unique and tasteful experience. Depending on the style of the event, you may need to consider the needs and desires of your guests to ensure everyone is well-fed and happy. Whatever style you choose, the ultimate goal is that guests walk away having tasted delicious cuisine and are satisfied with their dining experience. Call Zeffert and Gold Catering today so we can help you plan your event! 410.944.4481