Your wedding vendors are a big part of your big day! After all, they are each responsible for bringing some aspect of your wedding to life. Therefore, they should be chosen with care!

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However, in order for your big day to flow with ease, it’s important that you work with your wedding vendors efficiently!

We believe that every couple should be prepared to work with their wedding vendors! That’s why, here at Zeffert & Gold Catering, as Baltimore wedding caterers, we have comprised some tips to assist you with working with your own wedding vendors. If you would like to discover some helpful insight, be sure to continue reading:

  • Be Timely

    When hiring your wedding vendors, it’s important to keep in mind that some may need more time to plan their services for your big day than others. So, you will certainly want to ensure that you hire yours in a timely manner! For example, you will want to book your wedding venue well in advance, as it will be the base of your big day, and will be a determining factor for many other details of your big day.

  • Discover All of the Details

    You will pay your wedding vendors for their initial services. However, know that some of your vendors may present other services that you may not be aware of. So, you will want to discover all of the services that each vendor can offer to your big day! For example, you will pay your photographer to capture your wedding. But, they may also offer photo booths as well. By knowing all of the details in advance, you can make your total purchase upfront, without tagging on additional services at a later time.

  • Be Informative

    Your wedding day will be following a timeline. Therefore, it’s important that you notify your wedding vendors of the plans that you have for your big day! This way, everyone is on the same page, and will be aware of when they should have their services ready for your nuptials.

By efficiently working with your wedding vendors, your big day is sure to flow with ease! These are just a few tips to assist you with doing so.

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If you are ready to hire a wedding caterer in Baltimore, Maryland to create the cuisine for your own big day, please contact us here at Zeffert & Gold Catering! We believe that every meal should please the palates of all of your guests, and would be honored with the opportunity to ensure that yours does.