On The Buffet

Assorted Fresh Baked Bagels

Lox Spread, Cream Cheese, Scallion Cream Cheese, and Butter

Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion, and Sliced Cucumber

Sliced Swiss Cheese and Muenster Cheese

Nova Salmon

Kippered Salmon

Smoked Whitefish Salad

White Tuna Salad

Sweet Homemade Noodle Kugel

Fresh Fruit Display of Seasonal Fruits Including Pineapples, Seedless Grapes,
Melons, and Berries

For Dessert

Rugelach, Danish Strips, and Rainbow Cake

Coffee Buffet

Fresh Brewed Colombian Coffee and Decaffeinated Coffee, and a Selection of Teas, with Cream, Sugar, Sweet and Low, and Equal

Beverage Bar

Assorted Regular and Diet Sodas, Orange Juice, and Apple Juice

Included Appointments

Service conducted with high quality plastic plates, utensils, beverageware, and quality paper napkins (China or Biodegradable options also available) Linens for all food and beverage tables A professional uniformed service staff to perform your event

We specialize in customizing menus to fit your style and budget
Please call for additional possibilities and pricing
Other options available upon request