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Spice Up Your Baltimore Wedding or Corporate Event With a Customized Moonshine Bar

Baltimore Maryland Wedding Catering

Want a terrific way to spice up your next wedding, corporate event or even Bar or Bat Mitzvah in the Baltimore Maryland area? Why not add a customized moonshine bar. Creating a few custom blended moonshines for your guests as a cocktail hour surprise or an after dinner treat will totally wow your guests.

Some of the most popular moonshine bar flavors include:

  • Apple Pie Moonshine
  • Honey Peach Moonshine
  • Blackberry Brandy Moonshine
  • Cranberry Moonshine
  • Strawberry Julep Moonshine
  • Mint Mojito Moonshine

Baltimore Wedding Moonshine Bar

Contact your favorite Baltimore Caterer’s Zeffert and Gold Catering at 410-944-4481 to plan your next event!

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Baltimore Caterers Zeffert and Gold: Katie and Ryan’s Chic Wedding at Cloisters Castle

Cloisters Castle Katie and Ryan Lutherville Maryland Wedding

Soft ivory and tan hues, lace and gold accents created charming ambiance this past Saturday for Katie and Ryan’s wedding day at Cloisters Castle in Lutherville, Maryland. Surrounded by around 150 cherished family and friends, Katie and Ryan wed in the Cloistered Garden on Saturday evening. Following the ceremony, guests enjoyed cocktail hour while exploring the castle. Notable sights like as the castle’s windmill, library and amphitheater gave guests a taste of history while enjoying Katie and Ryan’s day. The reception was held in the gallery, stage and living room areas of the castle. Guests dined on Southwestern flank steak with a chimichurri sauce on the side accompanied with shallot mashed potatoes and broccoli sauteed in garlic olive oil.

Everyone enjoyed themselves as they danced, ate and enjoyed cocktails until it was time to send off the happy bride and groom. It was an honor to be apart of Katie and Ryan’s day and we with them all the best as they enter the next chapter of their lives.


Cloisters Castle Katie and Ryan Lutherville Maryland Wedding Escort Cards

Cloisters Castle Katie and Ryan Lutherville Maryland Wedding Sweetheart table

Cloisters Castle Katie and Ryan Lutherville Maryland Wedding Cake

Cloisters Castle Katie and Ryan Lutherville Maryland Wedding

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Maryland Caterers Zeffert and Gold: Beautiful Walk-Through at Harwood Farm

Harwood Farm Woodbine Maryland near Baltimore Beautiful Outdoor Wedding Reception

Zeffert and Gold recently had a walk-through at a beautiful venue called Harwood Farm located in Woodbine, Maryland. Beautiful back roads and rolling countryside lead you to a white farmhouse with over 146 acres of land with stables, horses, cornfields and open fields for what feels like miles-long. Robert and Maxine Walker have owned the farm for almost 20 years and have recently decided to share their estate for weddings, corporate events and more. Harwood Farm has so much to offer for those looking for a countryside-themed event. Guests can eat, drink and dance on the manicured green lawn under the stars or in a tent while venturing off to the horse stables or three-acre pond. Harwood Farm even offers a complimentary horse drawn carriage ride to the ceremony for all of the guests to see. The Walker family offers the finest hospitality and service to all guests and genuinely accommodates any needs to create your event exactly how you envisioned it. Zeffert and Gold would highly recommend Harwood Farm to all event-holders for its lush countryside, breath-taking views and outstanding hospitality. Please don’t hesitate to call Zeffert and Gold for your catering and event planning needs, and Maxine Walker to book your event at Harwood Farm!

Harwood Farm Woodbine Maryland Beautiful Wedding Venue near Baltimore



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Zeffert and Gold Catering of Baltimore: Carey and Sergio’s Eco Friendly Guatemalan Themed Wedding at Irvine Nature Center

Zeffert and Gold Catering Outdoor Wedding Reception at Irvine Nature Center Baltimore

Carey and Sergio wanted incorporate several important aspects of their relationship, the location of their event and their personalities into their wedding ceremony and reception at the Irvine Nature Center in Owings Mills. This amazing couple worked with Matt from Zeffert and Gold to design their menu to reflect their travels to Guatemala. This was evident to guests who spent cocktail hour devouring delicious house made papusas, shrimp tostadas, specialty salsa’s, and cream of corn shooters! Yummmm. Guests were then treated to an amazing reception that featured southwestern flank steak with chimmichurri, roasted plantains, grilled long onions, quinoa, and tilapia with a sweet chili sauce. Carey and Sergio continued to show their love of Guatemalan culture off by decorating the tent at Irvine with custom made runners and awesome plants and candles. To reflect Irvine’s mission of environmentally conscious and sustainable practices Carey and Sergio incorporated using only biodegradable plates, forks, knives, and beverageware. Thanks to the couple for allowing us to be a part of your special day!

Custom Cake Topper Carey and Sergio at Irvine Nature Center Wedding Baltimore Maryland

Guatemalan Wedding Centerpiece Baltimore Catering

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Alternative Dessert. Give Your Guests Something New and Fun With or Instead of Traditional Wedding Cake

Lollipop Wedding Place Cards Baltimore Maryland Wedding Catering

  1.  Candy Bar:  Choose a few of your favorite candies and order them in bulk. Place them in assorted sizes of glass jars in fun shapes and have scoops for each jar. Don’t forget to have bowls or plastic bags with ties on the table for guests to place their choices in for after the wedding.
  2. Waffle or Crepe Station:  This decadent bar can be equipped with fruits, berries, chocolate syrup and whipped cream as toppings. Did somebody say Nutella and bananas…
  3. Milk and Cookie Bar:  Embrace your inner child with a plate full of warm cookies and milk. Who can say no to that? Serve your guests regular, strawberry and chocolate milk acoompanied by an assortment of freshly baked warm cookies.
  4. Cupcakes:   Love the idea of cake but don’t want to limit your guests to just a few flavors? Why not enlist the help of your favorite local bakery. Cupcakes are a fantastic alternatives and there are countless numbers of flavors to choose from. Did we mention that if you use a tier display your cupcakes look like a cake!
  5. Cheesecake Shooters:  Now these are one of our specialties. The small desserts are the perfect size if you just want a taste. They come in a variety of flavors such as chocolate, strawberry, blueberry and peanut butter to please every palate! Don’t feel bad if you eat 2 or 3… they are called shooters for a reason.
  6. Gourmet Popcorn Bar: Popcorn has become extremely popular both as an appetizer and as a dessert. We have done many flavors such as our white truffle popcorn as an appetizer, but for a few recent parties we have done delicious popcorn bars for dessert. We have done flavors like green apple, blue raspberry, apple pie, strawberry. We are able to do almost any flavor you can think of. Get creative and let us make your dream come true.
  7. House Made Ice Cream: Let us take your favorite flavors and custom make ice cream for your special event!
  8. To Go Course: Give your guests pie in a mason jar or sliders and fries to go! Send your guests off with a special treat.
  9. Your Favorite Dessert: Let Zeffert and Gold Catering design the perfect dessert to fit your style!

Evergreen Wedding Dessert to go Wedding favors Pie in a Mason Jar Baltimore Maryland

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Baltimore Wedding Planning: 5 Tips for Taking Wedding Photos in the Snow

Baltimore Winter Weddings Maryland Catering

Carrie Patterson Photography

By: Jamie Miles

Tis the season for winter weddings, meaning comfort-food favors, festive florals and outdoor scenic photos. Carrie Patterson of Carrie Patterson Photography in snowy Wyoming provides some tips and tricks for taking outdoor shots so you avoid looking washed out in the wintry weather.

1. Find a Contrasting Backdrop “No matter the lighting situation, placing a bride in a white dress against a blank white canvas will cause the dress to blend in and you’ll lose all the pretty details,” Patterson says. She advises scouting locations like a rustic barn, large woodpile, rock façade or pine forest so the bride and groom stand out.

2. Dress Warmly You don’t want to shiver through your photoshoot! Wear a fur wrap or cardigan during outdoor shoots and have your groom don a warm wool jacket. “It looks sharp and keeps the chill off,” she says.

3. Head Indoors In addition to outdoor shots, Patterson likes to shoot black-and-white photos of couples in front of a large window to keep the scenery but change the setting up a bit.

4. Be Mindful of Daylight “Schedule a ceremony that offers plenty of time for pictures,” Patterson recommends. Keep in mind in winter the sun sets as early as 4:45 so be sure to get shots before dark. “This is even more critical if you don’t want to see each other before the ceremony,” she adds.

5. Accessorize with Color– or a Tan! “You can easily add warmth and color to your look by wearing a pretty fur wrap or wool peacoat,” Patterson advises. Another option? “A professional spray tan never hurts…” she says.



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Baltimore Caterers Zeffert and Gold Catering Make Some Delicious Winter Items for Your Next Event

We had a minute to breath in between the tail end of wedding season and the beginning of holiday festivities so we made some foods to try!

Pumpkin S’mores on Ginger Snaps

Baltimore Fun Fall Items Pumpkin Smores Baltimore Catering and Event Planning


Tuna Spoon on Asian Slaw with Avocado and Cucumber Wasabi

Tuna Spoon Baltimore Catering and Event Planning Holiday Menu Items


Acorn Squash Bruschetta on Garlic Crostini

Acorn Squash Bruschetta Baltimore Catering Maryland Caterers


Call us at 410-944-4481 to get starting designing your event!

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Amazing Video from Carly Fuller Photography of Laura and David’s Wedding at Evergreen Library and Museum


Carly Fuller Photography

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Zeffert and Gold Catering at Laura and Dave’s Charmingly Decorated Wedding at Evergreen Museum’s Carriage House and Library in Baltimore Maryland

Laura and Dave, with the help of their parents, decorated the Evergreen Museum and Library in almost every way possible. They strung Italian café lighting in the stalls, chandeliers in the tent, hung custom made artwork on all the walls, set the entire upper garden with umbrellas and tables for cocktails, and even provided guests with a couch to relax on. The couch, with custom pillows, looked amazing, but guests were partying so hard they did not even have time to sit down and enjoy it. We are happy to have been able to be a part of your wedding day and wish you an amazing future together.

Baltimore Catering Zeffert and Gold at Evergreen Carriage House

All photographs by Matt Gold of Zeffert and Gold Catering

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Zeffert and Gold Catering at Ten Oaks Ballroom in Howard County for Kelsey and Michael’s Amazing Wedding Reception

On Saturday July 14th we had the pleasure of catering a beautiful wedding for Kelsey and Michael at the elegant Ten Oaks Ballroom. Guests were treated to a stations style party with a pasta bar featuring vodka rosé and fresh pesto cream, a salad bar with an enormous assortment of gourmet toppings and pre made salads and a Carvery with cucumber watermelon salad, marinated flank steak, and herb roasted turkey. Guests were also treated to a special toast with the brides favorite drink, Dr. Pepper, instead of champagne. So Fun! The guests also took advantage of the huge dance floor and danced the night away. Congratulations to the couple, their family and all of their friends on an amazing wedding.

All Photographs Courtesy of Matt Gold of Zeffert and Gold Catering

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