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Zeffert and Gold Catering of Baltimore Continues Helping the Community While Staying Green and Sustainable

What Happens to Catering Leftovers

At any event that Zeffert and Gold caters, we are sure to bring more than enough food for guests so there is no fear of running low. So what happens to all of the leftovers? Zeffert and Gold does whatever we can to minimize waste and maximize the benefits of leftover food.

For any type of event-weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, or whatever it may be, we always provide the host with a generous amount of all of the food from their event. We gladly wrap up appetizers, main dishes, side items, etc. so that they are ready to transport right to the host’s fridge or freezer. You would not believe the gratitude in doing a gesture like this, and we often have our clients tell us how thankful they were to have a bite to eat after the event. It’s hard to sit down and enjoy a full course meal when it’s your own party, so hosts will get to eat afterwards or have it at their leisure.

Not only do we have host food after the event, but we also take back any remaining leftovers and donate delicious food weekly to an organization called Helping Up Missions. Helping Up Missions is a great organization that provides various services to those who may be experiencing poverty, homelessness, substance abuse or any other hindrance. We feel it is our obligation to provide to those less fortunate, and what better way to serve our community than with delicious food.

Lastly, we feel that it is important to dispose any food or material waste properly, so we recycle and compost anything that is necessary to do so. We have compost buckets which we put food scraps and coffee grounds to be properly disposed, and various recycling bins throughout the office, kitchens and warehouse.

We commit our best efforts in maintaining sustainable green practices throughout the entire business. We are proud of serving our community, keeping a healthy environment and maintaining a positive relationship with our clients.

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Is Your Crab Cake True Blue? Zeffert and Gold Catering of Baltimore Uses Only 100% Maryland Crab Meat!

Zeffert and Gold Catering True Blue Certified

Have you ever wondered where the crabs or crab meat that you are eating came from? Only a small number of restaurants in Maryland reliably make their crab cakes from local crabmeat, and the state does not require restaurants to identify the specific source of the meat in crab cakes.

The state is signing up participating restaurants and caterers now, and the list has just been released, according to DNR Fisheries Marketing Director Steve Vilnit.

True Blue, a new  labeling and promotion initiative from The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR), hopes to give restaurants that do use Maryland crabmeat a claw up on those that fill their crab cakes with inexpensive imported meat from Indonesia and Venezuela.

“Diners and seafood shoppers have let us know that it’s hard for them to tell if they are buying true Maryland Blue Crab meat or not when ordering from menus or at the market,” Vilnit said.  The True Blue program will outfit participating restaurants with authorized True Blue logos, signage and labeling.

“We’re not saying that imported crab meat can’t be delicious,” said Vilnit. “We just happen to believe that fresh Maryland crabs are better.” Participating restaurants must commit to use exclusively Maryland crab meat to qualify for the program.

Zeffert and Gold Catering is proud to be one of the 84 Maryland food service providers to participate in the program.

This article is courtesy of The Baltimore Sun


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Maryland Crab Considered For Sustainable Certification

Great article from the Huffington Post about how one of Maryland’s favorite foods is being considered for sustainable certification! Click Here to read the article.

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