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Baltimore Wedding Planning; Wedding Reception Meal Style

How do you know what wedding reception meal style will be the most conducive for your big day ?

Let’s review the pros and cons for many wedding reception meal styles. From Plated, to Buffet, Stations, Cocktail Parties, and Family Style, there are many aspects to consider, before even discussing the food itself!

Baltimore Wedding

Plated Service

Plated meals are the most traditional form of dinner service. There are usually at least two courses, salad and main course. The bride and groom may select two or three main course options for their guests, or opt to have a dual entrée for their guests to enjoy.

Pros – Plated reception meal service is the most traditional dinner style for weddings. It is formal and elegant, with servers placing beautifully plated entrees in front of each guest. Guests are able to sit and enjoy each other’s company as they enjoy each course. Activities, such as toasts and special dances may be spread between courses to provide more time for dancing and other activities.


Cons – Plated service requires a large number of staff (between staff for plating the meal and servers), which may increase the total cost of your event. Guests may also be limited to one entrée choice from a pre selected list. Also, this style of service requires the most work from a couple. You must provide the caterer with a list of who will get each meal, along with a code that will be on the place cards for servers to see what meal each guest ordered.

Baltimore Appetizers

Buffet Style

Buffet style dinner service is often considered the most casual.

Pros – Buffet style dinner service is the least expensive of all wedding dinner service options. It requires the least amount of catering staff (though servers are still needed to refill the buffet, clear dirty plates, and refill guests’ water glasses). Buffets offer more options than plated service, allowing guests to pick and choose what they like, as well as the portion sizes of each selection. Buffet style is social and promotes mingling between guests, while going to and from the buffet, they are able to take in more of the venue as well.

Cons –Being the most casual, usually guests will be serving themselves at the buffet, and must carry their plate back to the table. This style of dinner service requires a larger quantity of food, which may lead to more waste. Each table must also wait their turn to go to the buffet.

Stations Style Wedding


Station style dinner service is where food choices are spread over various food “stations”. Each station has a theme or style, such as a Maryland station with crab cakes and seafood, create your own pasta station, or the traditional carving station. Some stations may have a chef preparing items to order. This style of wedding meal service tends to be very interactive for guests.

Pros – Stations is a great way for you and your significant other to showcase your personality. Guests love the interactive feel and variety of the selections. With stations spread out, your venue is utilized the most, guests are drawn to areas of the venue that they may not notice with other options. Similar to the buffet style, guests may choose the items they like and their portions. But having on average three stations, guests may not have to wait to receive their meals.

Cons – Having various stations requires more room in your venue. With interactive stations, a chef and extra service staff is often necessary which can increase the cost.

roasted vegetable platter

Family Style

Family style dinner service combines the traditional feel of a seated meal with the options of a buffet. Each table is given large portions of each menu item to share among the guests at that table.

Pros- During family style service, guests often receive their food faster than the other options (provided you don’t have a chatty aunt hogging the potatoes). It is essentially a buffet, without the line. Again, the food choices are more diverse than a seated meal. Family style meals force guest interaction with one another at their table.

Cons – Family style is the most expensive of all wedding reception meal styles. More staff is required than buffet, and the most food is used as well as wasted. While forcing guest interaction can be a great thing among your friends and family, careful detail must be given to your seating arrangement as guests must share with one another.


Only you know which of these options are most conducive to the theme and feel of your wedding. No matter which option you choose, your guests are sure to have an incredible time on your special day!

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Baltimore Museum of Industry Wedding

Baltimore Museum of Industry WeddingLiving Radiant Photography

Match made in heaven. A common expression that couldn’t reflect Miriam and Michael more perfectly. Both architects, Miriam and Michael, used their creativity to build an extraordinary wedding at the Baltimore Museum of Industry. They used LEGO’s to design one of a kind centerpieces, “Mr. and Mrs” signs, and other decorations. Instead of a standard wedding guestbook, they had puzzle pieces available for their guests to sign. When the puzzle pieces were constructed it reflected a photo of the Baltimore Museum of Industry. What a great way to remember their Baltimore Museum of Industry Wedding and all of their family and friends that were there to celebrate with them.

We designed a stations style menu to compliment this fun and unique wedding. The Stationary appetizers featured Lemon Butter Calamari; Antipasto of marinated olives, artichoke hearts, Provolone cheese drizzled with balsamic glaze, Genoa Salami, pepperoncini, mushrooms, roasted red peppers; Middle Eastern Trio of Hummus, Babaganouch and Olive Tapenade with pita; and Crudite Shots of carrots, asparagus, red peer with ranch dipping sauce. Our staff also passed appetizers including Miniature Pork Belly Tacos, Sirloin Wrapped Asparagus, Bang Bang Shrimp, Tomato Soup Shooters with Crust-less Smoked Gouda Cheese Wedges, and Minted Lamb Meatballs served with Tzatziki sauce.

Stations style weddings are a great way to get your guests on their feet, and moving around to try an assortment of different themed stations. For Miriam and Michael’s Baltimore Museum of Industry Wedding, they featured an Argentine Bogota Nights Station, a Fruits of the Sea Station, and a Roman Grill Pasta Station. Here’s what was featured at each food station:

-Argentine Bogota Nights Station: Featuring Carved Sirloin Strip Steak with caramelized onions and Chimmique Sauce (Chimichurri and Barbecue sauce). Argentinian Roasted Chicken with fresh herbs and a hint of rosemary. Warm potato salad with red onions, sour cream and fresh parsley. Quinoa Salad with with avocado, diced tomato, corn, black beans, and cilantro.
-Fruits of the Sea Station: Featuring Red Thai Curry. Ahi Tuna Martini with Asian Slaw, avocado, and wasabi sauce. Cocktail crab claw display served with herb mustard dipping sauce and spicy cocktail sauce.
-Roman Grill Pasta Station: Featuring Penne Pasta or Tricolor Cheese Tortellini prepared to order. Toppings including grilled chicken, toasted pine nuts, diced tomatoes, scallions, sliced black olives, pepperoncini, mushrooms, red and green peppers, red onion, capers, artichoke hearts, crumbled Gorgonzola cheese, grated Parmesan cheese. Seasonings including, fresh oregano, basil, garlic, chopped chives, and parsley. Sauces including pesto, Sundried tomato marinara, olive oil, and Alfredo. Served with Caesar Salad.

For dessert we served Baltimore’s renown, Dangerously Delicious‘ pies. This delicious bakery provided an assortment of pies including Cherry, Caramel Apple Crumb, and the bakery’s signature Baltimore Bombs (loaded with Berger Cookies (a local specialty) that melt down and swirl into a sweet, vanilla chess filling). To say these pies were the cherry on top would be an understatement!

All photos in this blog post belong to Living Radiant Photography. Check out these wonderful photographs to catch a glimpse into this widely creative Baltimore Museum of Industry wedding. Congratulations to Miriam and Michael! Catering your winter wedding was such a treat!

Baltimore Museum of Industry WeddingLiving Radiant Photography 


Baltimore Museum of Industry WeddingLiving Radiant Photography 


Baltimore Museum of Industry WeddingLiving Radiant Photography 

Baltimore Museum of Industry WeddingLiving Radiant Photography 

Baltimore Museum of Industry WeddingLiving Radiant Photography 

Baltimore Museum of Industry WeddingLiving Radiant Photography 

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Large Baltimore Corporate Catering Event

Baltimore Corporate Catered Event

After a summer full of catered weddings, mitzvahs, and special events, we topped it off with a large corporate catering event for Amazon in Baltimore. The event took place at Amazon’s massive new distribution center in Baltimore. With the help of Loan Bros., Inc., we had tents setup for 6,000 of Amazon’s employees, family members and friends. Each tent was filled with buffets complete with summer barbecue classics like hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, field greens salad, etc.

Delicious catered food wasn’t the only feature of this large Baltimore corporate catering event. We also had several moon bounces available for children to enjoy, and other games like ring toss and ball toss. We even had one tent designated for bingo for guests to play as they enjoyed the summer afternoon. Of course, a Baltimore summer event wouldn’t be complete without snow balls. Our friends at Kavern Snowball supplied a variety of snow ball flavors like mango, cherry, and raspberry.

We had so much fun catering Amazon’s large corporate event. Whether your company is hosting a Baltimore corporate event for 100 or 10,000 of your employees, we are happy to work with you to design a custom menu for any occasion.

Large Corporate Catered Event Snowballs

Catered Events Moonbounces
Large Corporate Catered Event Ring Toss
Large Corporate Catered Event Games

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Cloisters Castle Wedding

Cloisters Castle Wedding Staircase
We are so excited to feature Tracy and Ryan’s Cloisters Castle wedding on our blog today. Cloisters Castle is a beautiful venue located off of Falls Road in Lutherville, Md. As you can imagine, the castle is stunningly beautiful and adds so much character to any wedding or special event. Tracy and Ryan embraced the uniqueness of the venue and decided to have a Gatsby themed wedding. A castle, plus a 1920’s themed wedding… It doesn’t get much better than that. Thankfully, Ken Pak Photography took gorgeous photos from this wedding. All photos on this blog post belong to him.

As the Victrola began to play, guests arrived at Tracy and Ryan’s Cloisters Castle Friday evening wedding. A guitarist and a lovely vocal group sang during Tracy and Ryan’s wedding ceremony. After the ceremony, guests were invited to cocktail hour to enjoy appetizers and cocktails.

After cocktail hour, it was time for Tracy and Ryan’s first dance. The newly married couple’s first dance song was Ain’t That Love, by Ray Charles. Then, it was time for the wedding stations to be open. We had two stations for their guests to enjoy. One, was a Grilled Cheese station, which featured Brie and Pear Grilled Cheese, and Tomato, Mozzarella, Basil and Balsamic Glaze Grilled Cheese. We also had Butternut Squash Soup Shooters to accompany the grilled cheeses.

The other wedding food station was our Short Rib Station, which featured our Twelve Hour Braised Beef Short Ribs served over Garlic Mashed Potatoes. After the guests had time to try both stations, it was time for more wedding traditions. Tracy and Ryan had an award for one of their guests who had the best Gatsby themed costume. Tracy tossed her bouquet with Beyonce’s “Single Ladies,” playing in the background; while Ryan tossed the garter to the tune of “It’s Raining Men,” by the Weather Girls. If you are thinking about having a bouquet or garter toss, doing it after dinner is a great time to do it, as a transition into the dancing portion of your reception. Tracy and Ryan even had an anniversary dance to welcome her guests out on the dance floor.

Other fun wedding traditions at Tracy and Ryan’s Cloisters Castle Wedding:
-Father/Daughter dance: “Unforgettable” Nat King and Natalie Cole (morphs into “Wild Thing” The Troggs)
-Mother/Son dance: “What a Wonderful World” Michael Buble
-Bride and Groom Send-off, with Guests blowing bubbles

Tracy and Ryan’s Cloisters Castle wedding was so much fun to cater and plan. We wish this fun couple a lifetime of happiness!

Cloisters Castle Gatsby Themed Wedding
Cloisters Castle Wedding Catering
Cloisters Castle Wedding

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Baltimore Museum of Industry Wedding

Baltimore Museum of Industry Wedding CateringAll photos in this blog post, credit to NoLo Weddings & Events.

One of our fifteen events last weekend took place at the Baltimore Museum of Industry. We had a lovely time catering this Baltimore Museum of Industry wedding for Amy and Buzz last Friday night. One of the many great things about the Baltimore Museum of Industry is that it is a unique museum that enlightens your guests about the industrial history of Baltimore. Whether your guests are from out of town or local, it provides genuine entertainment for your guests. Plus the venue overlooks the Inner Harbor, providing a priceless backdrop of iconic Baltimore spots.

What made this wedding even better was getting to work with NoLo Weddings and Events. All of the photos featured on our blog today came from their instagram account (@noloweddingsevents). Thank you to them and to all other vendors that tag us on social media!

Cocktail hour took place in the front of the museum near some of their permanent collections like the Decker Gallery, the Pharmacy, the Machine Shop, and many others. Guests wandered in and out of exhibits while enjoying cocktails and appetizers. We had a lovely stationary appetizer table with our Cinnamon Seared Tuna with sesame brittle on top of a seaweed salad, with a spicy plum sauce. We also had a beautiful Charcuterie display of assorted cheeses like brie, manchego, reggiano parmigiano, blue cheese; and meats like prosciutto, capicola, kiesler and sopressata with a Baltimore beer mustard. To compliment the meats and cheeses we had glazed nuts, dried cranberries, and fresh melons.

After cocktail hour, guests went to their seats where we had a salad pre-set for them to enjoy. We served a field green salad with a black berry vinaigrette that was the perfect spring salad for this Baltimore Museum of Industry wedding. Amy and Buzz then had their first dance in front of their family and friends.

After the first dance and introductions took place, it was time to open the buffet. For the main course we served chicken meuniere, which is a lightly breaded chicken breast with fresh lemon juice and parsley butter. We also served beef tenderloin with a cabernet sauce, and a radiatore pasta with a pesto cream sauce. To accompany these entrees, we served grilled asparagus with olive oil and fresh herbs.

For dessert, there was an assortment of cake from Yia Yia’s Bakery. Amy and Buzz spent the rest of the night dancing and celebrating with their family and friends. Congratulations to this amazing couple!

Baltimore Museum of Industry Sweetheart Table

Baltimore Museum of Industry Wedding Centerpiece

Baltimore Museum of Industry Wedding

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Valentines Wedding at Baltimore Museum of Industry

Valentines Wedding at Baltimore Museum of  IndustryAll pictures in this post belong to Blane C. Perry Photography 

The origins of Valentine’s Day dates back to the 5th century, with many debates as to how St. Valentine and the holiday that has over 150 million people exchanging holiday cards all started. No matter what you believe of these traditions and how they began,  I think that we can all agree that exchanging your vows on a day momentous for love is more than fitting.

Colleen and John celebrated their love for one another this past Saturday, February 14th. The couple had a lovely ceremony at a gorgeous church in Baltimore. As the bride walked down the aisle in her red high heels, it was clear to guests that this Valentine’s Day was going to be one to remember. After Colleen and John said their, “I do’s,” a pipe and drum band played, as the recessional walked down the aisle and off to the Valentine’s wedding reception at the Baltimore Museum of Industry. John is a firefighter, so the pipe and drum band paid tribute to his heroic work, and sent chills down their guests’ spines with the beautiful music.

The Baltimore Museum of Industry is a unique venue in Baltimore that sits on the Inner Harbor and overlooks the iconic Domino’s Sugar sign. It is an ideal venue for large guest counts, and for those that want their guests to experience insight into the history of Baltimore. As guests wandered the museum, we served mushroom caps stuffed with crab, buffalo chicken wonton with blue cheese, candied bacon, Latin beef empanadas, and scallops with bacon gastric. We also had a welcome table complete with sweet and sour cocktail meatballs, hot Maryland crab dip, Natty Boh cheddar cheese fondue, and an antipasto platter with marinated olives, artichoke hearts, provolone cheese drizzled with balsamic glaze, Genoa salami, pepperoncini, mushrooms and roasted red peppers. This was a true Baltimore themed Valentine’s Day wedding at the Baltimore Museum of Industry.

As guests took their seats after cocktail hour, Colleen and John had an amazing surprise in store for them. Instead of traditional introductions, they had the Racing Presidents from the Washington Nationals baseball team there to escort the bridal party. Not familiar with the racing presidents? Just picture jumbo sized heads of past presidents like Teddy Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington. They’re famous for the race that takes place every home game at Nationals park in Washington, D.C. These mascots with heads the size of Bobble Heads (but way bigger), are a crowd favorite that generate cheers louder than any play demands during the game. Having the Racing Presidents at the wedding reception generated those cheers, as well.

With an introduction like that, we of course had our hands full following with the main dinner course. We did not disappoint with chef carved tenderloin of beef with Cabernet sauce, boneless breast of Parmesan crusted chicken with basil beurre blanc, a baby field greens salad with crumbled Gorgonzola cheese and sliced jicama, tossed with raspberry vinaigrette, haricot vert with lemon zest, and triple roast of Yukon gold, red bliss and sweet potatoes. We even made children’s meals of chicken tenders, french fries, and applesauce. Talk to your event designer about creating a separate meal for your smaller guests.

To top of this amazing Valentines wedding off at the Baltimore Museum of Industry we had chef prepared bananas foster served over ice cream, an assortment of cheesecake lollipops, and wedding cake. Congratulations to Colleen and John! We had so much fun catering your Valentines Day wedding at the Baltimore Museum of Industry.

Valentines Day Wedding at Baltimore Museum of Industry

Valentines Day Wedding at Baltimore Museum of Industry

Valentines Day Wedding at Baltimore Museum of Industry

Valentines Day Wedding at Baltimore Museum of Industry

Valentines Day Wedding at Baltimore Museum of Industry

Valentines Day Wedding at Baltimore Museum of Industry

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Wedding Fails: Week One

Dropped Wedding Cake

We have entered the new year with lots of humor, and hope to ease your worries throughout your wedding planning with laughter. We’re putting to the test what some of our clients consider “worst case scenarios” for their wedding day. In other words, as long as ___ happens, they’ll be content with their special day. What would that be for you, or – what happened to you on your wedding day that you wouldn’t wish upon your worst enemy. This will be a five part series that we will feature weekly to humor you, and ensure that these things never happen on your wedding day under our catering watch (knock on wood, of course).

Wedding fails: Week One – Dropped Wedding Cake
You spend months planning your wedding. Going through every intricate detail to make sure that this day is everything you’ve ever imagined, and more. Between the tasting for the catering company and the wedding cake tasting, you know that your guests are going to LOVE what they have to eat, and will find room for the cake at the end of the event. You were debating between a three-tier cake and a two-tier cake, but after seeing the final product of the three-tier- you are so glad you splurged. Top tier red velvet cake with butter cream frosting, middle tier chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting, and the third tier, your absolute favorite. Baltimore Cakery’s Little Italy Cake with their to die-for cannoli icing. You are so happy with how it turned out, and you can’t wait to slice the first cake with your husband and maybe even smudge a piece in his face. The toasts are over, and it’s time to cut the cake. The catering company goes to move the cake to the display table, and then it happens. Your worst nightmare.

The cake goes tumbling to the floor. The hundreds of dollars you spent on the dessert that you were going to even freeze the top layer for to share with your sweetie-pie on your one-year anniversary. It’s gone. Your wedding is ruined. Your guests are in shock, and have no idea how to console you, or to break it to you that they weren’t that excited for the cake anyways. Nevertheless, it was important to you, and to your special day.

This is a real fear that some brides have, and with good reason. Cakes that are high in layer, are at times difficult to transport. If you do not have a staff that is strong enough, or intelligent enough to move the cake in a safe manner – then this could happen to you.

Luckily, for those of you who are our clients, we have highly trained staff who know how to handle these situations. First of all, the cake would never be moved prior to you cutting the first slice. There is a table designated for just holding the cake, and keeping it out of reach so there are no collisions with the cake on the dance floor. Second, when we do move the cake, we make sure to use only our staff who are comfortable and strong enough to move the cake. Most of the times, this means the manager is moving the cake. Others, it is whoever is the strongest of the staff. We take no chances when it comes to this highly important, sentimental dessert. Our one event designer, I won’t name names, but they won’t even move the cake because they do not want to take the chance of dropping it.

We take the moving of the cake very seriously, as we do cutting the cake. We don’t charge a cake cutting fee, as we’re happy to serve your guests as many flavors of cakes that you desire. Some of our clients have a small wedding cake, and then buy sheet cakes for us to cut in the back to then bring out to serve to their guests. No one even realizes, and it is an easy way to save money. We work with three bakeries, which includes Baltimore Cakery, Sugar Bakers and Patisserie Poupon. We are more than happy to serve as the liaison between the bakery, so the only thing on your plate is the cake. You can also have the cake tasting at our office if it is more convenient for you. Talk to your event designed today to learn more about our dessert options and start planning your wedding cake today.

Here are some cakes that were transported in one piece under our watch:

Hippodrome Theatre Baltimore Wedding
2014 Wedding Trends
Dessert Table Wedding
American Visionary Art Museum Wedding Cake Walker's Overlook Wedding Cupcake Dessert Table Baltimore Catering
Wedding Cake
Sea Shells Beach Themed Wedding Cake Zeffert and Gold Catering
Wedding Cake Baltimore Wedding
Naked Cake by Zeffert and Gold Catering
Rustic Box Wedding Cake Table
Baltimore Zoo Mansion House Wedding Cake
Baltimore Wedding Cake with Crabs
Ravens and Orioles Themed Wedding Cake
Amazing Baltimore Wedding Cake

Liriodendron Mansion Garden Theme Wedding Bel Air Maryland Wedding Venue Cloisters Castle Katie and Ryan Lutherville Maryland Wedding Cake
Dani Leigh Photography Custom Designed Cake Topper Terps University of Maryland

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Farm To Table Baltimore Catering

Wedding Shutter Menu
Last Monday, we had the pleasure of catering the National Association for Catering and Event’s Baltimore meeting at Ten Oaks Ballroom in Columbia, Md. For our menu, we went with a farm to table concept to showcase locally farm-raised meat and produce. Our catering company utilizes fresh, local products in our menus whenever possible. Our recipes have even been featured in the Maryland Department of Agriculture’s Buy Local Cookbook for their outstanding flavors and for utilizing locally grown Maryland ingredients.

Keeping with using local Maryland ingredients, we served a variety of sliced meats, chicken liver pate, pickled vegetables, coarse grain violet mustard, bacon jam and balsamic jelly for appetizers. The appetizers were placed on a gorgeous, rustic farm table that fit the theme perfectly.

After the NACE board elections and a great lecture from Avish Parasher, Innovation Speaker and Motivational Improviser, it was time to serve our farm-to-table menu. With such a large venue, we were able to entertain with a stations style menu. At one station, we had our Creekstone Farms Braised Beef Cheeks with a port wine pan sauce and parsnip puree. With such a tender meat, we served this entree in martini glasses.

The next station was our Arborio Risotto Bar with assorted toppings that guest could choose from; in addition to, arugula pesto and a traditional risotto sauce. Our chef was making each risotto plate to order, so guests could customize their risotto entree.

Last but not least, our third station featured our chicken roulade in an apple cider reduction with an apple and cranberry stuffing. We served this with our creamy grits and our cinderella pumpkin bisque. For dessert, we served our pumpkin bites with maple bacon icing. Yes, these are as dangerously-good as they sound.

Although we provided the food, it can’t go unsaid all of the other amazing vendors that made this NACE meeting so great. It was a pleasure working with Party Plus Rentals, Innovative Party Planners, MLC Designs, Bialek’s Music, Gary Jackson Photography and Maryland Productions. We look forward to attending the next NACE Baltimore event in December.

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Corradetti Glass Studio Wedding

Long Tables at Baltimore Wedding

We are so excited to share these photos from Jody and Michael’s Baltimore Corradetti Glass Studio Wedding. Corradetti Glass Studio is located in Clipper Mill. The intimate wedding ceremony took place inside the Corradetti Glassblowing studio. Between the white string lights and the eloquent glass sculptures, Jody and Michael had the perfect backdrop for their Sunday evening wedding. Not to mention the exposed brick walls and bamboo hardwood flooring adds to why Corradetti Glass Studio is such a charming Baltimore venue. After the ceremony, guests could stroll through the studio to see all of the amazing artwork and enjoy appetizers. We had our sweet and sour meatballs, artichoke dip, vegetable crudites and brie en brioche on a raspberry coulis for guests to enjoy.

Jody and Michael’s beautiful wedding focused on unifying two families together. We had long tables joined around the room, so the bride and groom could enjoy their dinner sitting with family and friends. The wedding table setting was beautiful with  ivory linen and turquoise napkins. Mobtown Florals really made this Corradetti Glass Studio wedding complete with amazing flowers and centerpieces. The centerpieces were the perfect splash of green from the ivy and other earthy compliments. Did we mention Jody and Michael exchanged their vows under a rustic tree branch chuppah? It was a stunning, modern jewish canopy with beautiful flower arrangements. It fit this Corradetti Glass Studio wedding perfectly.

For dinner, we served grilled chicken on avocado puree, topped with our corn and tomato relish. The chicken was accompanied with roasted potatoes and green beans. After dinner guests hit the dance floor, while we prepped the dessert table. Keeping with the family-style, rustic theme, we served an assortment of delicious pies, in addition to Jody and Michael’s adorable wedding cake. Congratulations to Jody and Michael! We loved catering your Corradetti Glass Studio wedding.

Chuppah Corradetti Glassblowing Studio Wedding Baltimore


Wedding Cake Baltimore Wedding


Long Table Wedding Setting


Baltimore Wedding Time Party Sign

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Zeffert and Gold Catering Wedding Spotlight: Erica and Aaron’s Wedding at the American Visionary Art Museum

Ravens and Orioles Themed Wedding Cake

We are in full swing right now with our summer weddings, and this past weekend was no exception. Erica and Aaron hosted their guests at the American Visionary Art Museum, which is located at the base of historic Federal Hill.  The couple said their, “I Do’s,” in the charming garden that is adjacent to the Sculpture Barn, which held the reception for the evening. Set in the perfect indoor-outdoor combination, the guests were able to mingle inside to enjoy the station-style catered food, and indulge in drinks like the couples signature Orange Crush outside in the garden.

Crab Card Basket

This fun-loving bride and groom made sure to include their love for Baltimore sports in the wedding reception, as the cake was topped with a Baltimore Raven, as the groom, and a Baltimore Oriole, as the bride — veil and all. The love-birds didn’t stop there with their decor, as the centerpieces were the perfect summer tribute with the vases filled high with aromatic sliced oranges. The favors were filled with the couple’s signature seasoning, and allowed for their guests to leave with a taste of Baltimore. We really love working with Erica and Aaron and wish them a lifetime of happiness together!

American Visionary Arts Museum Wedding


AVAM Baltimore Wedding Catering


Baltimore Wedding Signature Drink


Old Bay Favors

For more information on how to make your perfect summer wedding come to life, please contact us at 410-944-4481.

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