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Perfect Maryland Wedding at Baltimore’s 1840s Ballroom

1840s Baltimore

Kristen and Gary recently tied the knot at the magnificent 1840’s ballroom. Their stunning wedding reception featured not only delicious food, satisfying drinks and great company with family and friends, but a special Baltimore, Maryland touch. These details were all over the reception from the Maryland color’s used in the couples color scheme, to their crab mallet favors which were imprinted with Crabby Natty Boh and Mrs. Boh. Additionally, Kristen and Gary set up a Maryland table at their wedding, with all things Maryland. This table featured items such as old bay utz chips, fishers popcorn, and of course Natty Boh beer.  We really enjoyed working with Kristen and Gary and wish them nothing but the absolute best in their future as husband and wife.


Photos Courtesy of Perskie Photographics


Wedding Crab Mallet

Custom Wedding Toasting Glasses

Wedding Ice Sculpture

Baltimore Themed Wedding Table

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Maryland Wedding Catering: Sam and Bob’s Wedding at the Cloisters Castle of Baltimore

Sam and Bob Wedding at Cloisters Castle Maryland Catering

On Sunday September 8th, we had the pleasure of celebrating Sam and Bob’s amazing wedding at the historic Cloisters Castle. Cloisters was the perfect venue to hold the wedding reception which featured a masquerade theme. The couple was married in the Cloister’s amphitheater which allowed them to be closely surrounded by family and friends. After the ceremony, guests were treated to a seemingly never ending meal with four food stations set up around the castle. The stations included a filet mignon martini station, San Antonio Fiesta station, Catch of the day station featuring tortilla crusted tilapia and seared Ahi tuna, and a stir fry station with three different styles of stir fry. For dessert, guests were able to eat from a bazaar of cakes, each decorated with a different saying that was hand chosen by Sam and Bob. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your special day and we know you have a long marriage with lots of love to look forward to.

Cloisters Castle Tables Maryland Wedding Catering

Mardi Gras Themed Wedding

Quotes on Cakes Baltimore Maryland Weddings

Cloisters Castle Amphitheater Wedding Ceremony

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Baltimore Caterers Zeffert and Gold: Hot Wedding Trends for Your Baltimore, Maryland or Washington D.C. Wedding

Hot Wedding Trends Baltimore Washington D.C. Catering

Hot Wedding Trend #1 – Dazzling Wedding Decorations

Tabletop is going eclectic, according to New York planner Marcy Blum. “We’re getting away from the plain silver or gold-beaded charger that’s been used ad nauseam. Instead, there’s colored glassware, knife and spoon rests and more interesting chargers.” A look Blum loves is a Rococo table set with three complementary patterns of china.

This is the year to light it up! “Everything is lit from above, within or under. With new lighting, your tables can change color with the courses of your meal,” says Sasha Souza of Sasha Souza Events in the Bay Area. Also hot? Individual chandeliers over tables. “Choose clear, red or black crystal.”

Look for bold, graphic prints to make a reception appearance, says Souza. “It’s very sixties mod. Don’t be afraid of patterns—everywhere from the invitation to the cake and the ribbon on the bouquet!”

This year, you can expect the bar to be a focal point, says Jung Lee of Fête in New York City. “We’re doing oversize bars, maybe 40 feet in length—and we’re doing them in different shapes.” Her favorite look for the year? A stunning white leather bar studded with polished-nickel nails.

What’s out? “The checkerboard dance floor,” says Souza. What’s in? “Seamless dance floors with any look you want—maybe a red floor, or a big monogram or filigree patterns at the corners.”

Want to declare your love to the world? “We’re putting a couple’s wedding pattern or monogram on bright fabric banners and hanging them from trees, tents and entrances,” says Souza.

Souza’s brides are projecting full-color patterns and movies against walls or the sides of tents. “You can do anything—a graphic of a forest, for example, so it feels as if you’re moving through trees. You could use climbing vines or a sari fabric print. Just make sure it’s in full color!”

Hot Wedding Trend #2 – Mood Altering Wedding Colors

  • Sexy, eye-popping color is in. “There is no wrong way to do it,” says Sasha Souza. Her pick for the #1 hue in 2009? Yellow. “It started getting hot in late 2008, and it’s carrying over to the new year. Mix it with orange or coral.”
  •  New York wedding planner Karen Bussen agrees that color is key. “Couples are becoming savvy about changing and creating mood by using color. Maybe the ceremony is really serene, and the cocktail hour is hot and spicy. So you start with soft, creamy shades, and then allow the more raucous, festive hues to come in later on.”
  • “Black is the new black,” Souza reports. “This year, it’s completely replaced brown. Pair it with turquoise, gray or white. Do it with flowers too—for example, anemones are black and white.”

Hot Wedding Trend #3 – Tasty Food & Drinks

The Ultrachic Cocktail Hour

  •  “Whether you call them southsides or mojitos, mint and lime ingredients are a hit,” says Peter Callahan of Callahan Catering. “Fresh-squeezed lime juice is key. Caipirinhas also depend on it. That’s one of the secrets to a dynamic specialty cocktail.”
  •  According to Callahan, custom trays are a trend for the cocktail hour. “Silver has its place in a gilded ballroom, but everywhere else the trays should reflect the setting—whitewashed wood for beachside and white acrylic for modern settings, maybe even a hot pink for the racy after-party.”
  •  “The ‘it’ alcohol is tequila,” says Callahan, who serves it up in fruit-flavored margaritas. And what is out? “Martini bars and martini glasses! They seem dated.”
  •  What’s always in for cocktail-hour bites? “Mini is still sizzling hot—mini hamburgers, fries, mini grilled cheese.” says Callahan.
  •  According to Olivier Cheng of Olivier Cheng, Catering and Events, the spotlight is on gorgeous ingredients presented simply. “It’s a bit of wagu beef on a skewer with fleur de sel. It’s the purity of the idea.”

Hot Wedding Trend #4 – Wines of the Times

Here’s what’s hot off the vine this year, according to caterer Peter Callahan.
Red: “St. Émilion is a nice light summer red, and bordeaux is always best in winter.
White: “Sancerre for summer is a favorite; it reminds me of outdoors in southern France. A dry white burgundy for winter is perfect.”
Champagne: “Serve it in magnums for a rich, regal look.”
The 2009 “It” Wine: “Rosé. It has that St. Tropez feeling that everyone loves!”

Hot Wedding Trend #5 – Forget-me-not Flowers

The In Blooms: This year’s flower will be the Mokara orchid, predicts Debi Lilly of A Perfect Event in Chicago. “It’s a lush, romantic, modern orchid.” And this variety comes in vibrant colors: sun-kissed orange, deep lavender, hot pink.”The other big flower trend? Everything seasonal, says Karen Bussen. “It’s more environmentally friendly and cost-effective.”

What are the out blooms? “Roses. No offense to roses—I love them,” says Lilly. “But they’re a little predictable. It’s fun to go in a different direction with something people haven’t seen before.” Blum adds, “Exotics are biting the dust.” So forget the ginger and birds-of-paradise.

The In Vase: “Very hot is colored glass—mango orange, apple green. We’re also putting silver leaf or gold leaf on glass. It’s a stunning touch, and easy enough to do yourself,” Lilly suggests.

The Height: You can go high or low for your centerpieces this year. Some planners are choosing low arrangements so that guests can talk over them for a more intimate feeling during the meal.

The Treatment: “There’s a simpler approach to floral design,” says Karen Bussen. “In the past, everyone wanted large, lush masses. Now we’re seeing one kind of bloom arranged in vases that are set all the way down the table. It’s much more about celebrating the particular flower than it is about trying to cram tons of blooms into the centerpieces.”

Says Lilly, “A really hot trend on bars is a collection of glass. I saw this at the George V in Paris. You have seven vases—hydrangea in one, calla lilies in another, a floating candle or floating flowers in yet another,” Lilly says. Collect inexpensive, different-size containers to reproduce this sophisticated look.”

The Greens: “I’m using fiddlehead ferns,” Bussen says. “They’re quirky and eye-catching, and they make a whimsical accent for many kinds of arrangements.”

Hot Wedding Trend #6 – Tempting Desserts & Cakes

Style: Make a statement with a tall, slender cake this year. “Cake is a piece of sculpture,” says cake designer Margaret Braun, so go for high-visibility, multitiered confections.

Bling: “I like shiny!” Braun is using sugar-pearl and gold accents this year for a retro-glam gleam.

 Color: Just as in décor, bold color is back. Look for cakes in bright oranges with turquoise and gold. Outrageous color combos? Go for it, says Braun.

Decoration: Opulence is the word. Think intricate piping, sugar sculptures and Asian-inspired patterns. “I like my cakes to look like jewel boxes,” Braun says.

Flavors: Start with the best cacao chocolate, farm-fresh creams and butters; keep flavors simple to highlight the high-quality ingredients. Another sweet note: Peter Callahan says that dessert tables are definitely in. But keep them mini with caramel crab apples, quarter-size pies and fluffer nutters. “Then pass mini frozen items for the guests coming off the dance floor, like mini

Hot Wedding Trend #7 – Mood Music

  •  Get Personal. “Couples are treating music as one of the important ways to personalize their wedding, and getting bands to learn songs,” says Karen Bussen. “I just had a couple who had their first dance to a song from Natural Born Killers!”
  • Get Sentimental. “Sometimes couples love music that’s not danceable,” says Jung Lee, who advises couples to play their favorite songs that aren’t right for dancing at the cocktail hour. “I have a couple that loves Coldplay. The cocktail party is
    a good time for that.”
  • Go International. “The cocktail hour is about having unusual ensembles,” Bussen states. “It’s not just a jazz trio. We’re seeing a lot of Latin music for cocktail hours: salsa, samba, bossa nova. We even had a marimba—that was exotic!”
  • Get Extravagant. Couples want their favorite songs played just the way they like them. The solution? According to Bussen, couples are booking a wedding band to kick off
    the night, and a DJ to up the tempo with hip-hop and dance music later.
  • Get Real. And what about the emcee? “Announcements of any kind are out,” Marcy Blum reports. “Dead, dead, dead.” Lee agrees. “I hate when bandleaders say ‘Get up and dance!’ If you’re playing great music, they’ll dance!”

Top Four Favor Trends

  1. Wrap it Up: “It’s all about the packaging,” says Lilly. “You want to give your guests a colorful little package that corresponds to the wedding palette, and a little monogram or tag.”
  2. Down Home: “The hot trend in favors is something homemade,” Lilly reports. “One father of the bride made chocolate turtles for every single guest. We made a cellophane envelope and a label that said ‘Homemade by Dad.’ How many Dads get involved like that?”
  3. Get Sweet: “Treat them to candy bars,” Jung Lee advises. “We all kind of want to go back to being kids!”
  4. Give Back: More and more couples are giving donations to a favorite charity in their guests’ names. Go to Idofoundation.org to find out just how easy it is.

Source URL: http://www.bridalguide.com/planning/hot-wedding-trends


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Baltimore Wedding Planning: 5 Tips for Taking Wedding Photos in the Snow

Baltimore Winter Weddings Maryland Catering

Carrie Patterson Photography

By: Jamie Miles

Tis the season for winter weddings, meaning comfort-food favors, festive florals and outdoor scenic photos. Carrie Patterson of Carrie Patterson Photography in snowy Wyoming provides some tips and tricks for taking outdoor shots so you avoid looking washed out in the wintry weather.

1. Find a Contrasting Backdrop “No matter the lighting situation, placing a bride in a white dress against a blank white canvas will cause the dress to blend in and you’ll lose all the pretty details,” Patterson says. She advises scouting locations like a rustic barn, large woodpile, rock façade or pine forest so the bride and groom stand out.

2. Dress Warmly You don’t want to shiver through your photoshoot! Wear a fur wrap or cardigan during outdoor shoots and have your groom don a warm wool jacket. “It looks sharp and keeps the chill off,” she says.

3. Head Indoors In addition to outdoor shots, Patterson likes to shoot black-and-white photos of couples in front of a large window to keep the scenery but change the setting up a bit.

4. Be Mindful of Daylight “Schedule a ceremony that offers plenty of time for pictures,” Patterson recommends. Keep in mind in winter the sun sets as early as 4:45 so be sure to get shots before dark. “This is even more critical if you don’t want to see each other before the ceremony,” she adds.

5. Accessorize with Color– or a Tan! “You can easily add warmth and color to your look by wearing a pretty fur wrap or wool peacoat,” Patterson advises. Another option? “A professional spray tan never hurts…” she says.



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Baltimore Caterers Zeffert and Gold Catering Make Some Delicious Winter Items for Your Next Event

We had a minute to breath in between the tail end of wedding season and the beginning of holiday festivities so we made some foods to try!

Pumpkin S’mores on Ginger Snaps

Baltimore Fun Fall Items Pumpkin Smores Baltimore Catering and Event Planning


Tuna Spoon on Asian Slaw with Avocado and Cucumber Wasabi

Tuna Spoon Baltimore Catering and Event Planning Holiday Menu Items


Acorn Squash Bruschetta on Garlic Crostini

Acorn Squash Bruschetta Baltimore Catering Maryland Caterers


Call us at 410-944-4481 to get starting designing your event!

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Zeffert and Gold Catering at Samuel’s Bar Mitzvah at Temple Isaiah in Howard County Maryland

We were thrilled to be able to help Sam and his family celebrate his Bar Mitzvah at Temple Isaiah. Thanks to MorningStar Photography for the snapshot of images from his party. Congratulations on becoming a Bar Mitzvah Sam, everyone is so proud of you!

Baltimore Catering and Event Planning


Click Here to See More Images From MorningStar Photography’s Blog of The Party

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Zeffert and Gold Catering at Laura and Dave’s Charmingly Decorated Wedding at Evergreen Museum’s Carriage House and Library in Baltimore Maryland

Laura and Dave, with the help of their parents, decorated the Evergreen Museum and Library in almost every way possible. They strung Italian café lighting in the stalls, chandeliers in the tent, hung custom made artwork on all the walls, set the entire upper garden with umbrellas and tables for cocktails, and even provided guests with a couch to relax on. The couch, with custom pillows, looked amazing, but guests were partying so hard they did not even have time to sit down and enjoy it. We are happy to have been able to be a part of your wedding day and wish you an amazing future together.

Baltimore Catering Zeffert and Gold at Evergreen Carriage House

All photographs by Matt Gold of Zeffert and Gold Catering

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Zeffert and Gold Catering at Baltimore 1840’s Ballroom for Katrina and Josh’s Spectacular Wedding

No amount of rain was going to keep Katrina and Josh from having an amazing wedding day at the 1840’s Ballroom’s City Lights Museum. Guests enjoyed great music, amazing decorations (done by the bride’s mother), and of course the delicious food and drink. We would like to thank the couple for allowing us to be part of their day and wish them a lovely future!

Event Photography by Frest Photography (All Tagged Photos)

Additional Photographs by Matt Gold of Zeffert and Gold Catering (Non Tagged Photos)


Baltimore Event CateringBaltimore Wedding Catering Baltimore Catering

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Zeffert and Gold Catering New Menu Item: Mango Gazpacho The Perfect Summertime Treat For Those Hot Baltimore Summers!

This cool soup is the perfect culinary creation to help you cool down from the scorching summer heat. It blends traditional gazpacho with fresh mango and the perfect selection of seasonings. Topped off with a delicious basil creme fraiche making this soup perfect for your next event!

Call us to speak with one of our event designers: 410-944-4481

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Lauren and Jason’s Elegant Baltimore Wedding at Chase Court: Catering by Zeffert and Gold of Baltimore, Maryland

On June 9th we were delighted to cater Lauren and Jason’s wedding at the beautiful Chase Court in Baltimore’s Mt. Vernon neighborhood. Lauren and Jason had the ballroom set in an elegant manner with classic chairs and a clean pop of blue with the napkins. The guests enjoyed the food, drink and definitely made use of the dance floor. It was clear that all guests had an amazing time and we are so happy we could be involved with such a lovely event.

All Photographs Courtesy of The Pros

Venue: Chase Court

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